Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to make a halloween frame and insert

This is seriously so easy. You will thank me when you are done.
Really! You might even want to kiss me, I tell yah.

First take you frame, WITH a mat. I used a Ribba one from IKEA.

Remove you mat, because this is what you will be working with.

Next, find some fun, "spooky" Halloween paper and cut it into small strips. I wanted mine in separate sizes, so I cut some wider then others. Make sure you cut them long enough so that you have some hangings over the edge of your frame on both sides.

Take your strips and start gluing them onto your mat, making sure you leave them hanging off the side, you will need that extra piece so you can wrap it around the mat and glue it to the back.

You will want to make it hang over on each side and just keep gluing it till you have reached the end. When you are done with each side take your extra edges and wrap them around the back and glue them down.

Keep this going until you are done. I did not go all the way over on each side. You will want to do 3/4 on each side, so that you have even amounts on each side. 

Tada! This is the beauty when its all done!

Now you can decorate it however you choose. 
I added some fun owl stickers, because well I LAHUV owls. 
I also added  spider web paper to the back and a fun broom sticker, but you can add a picture if you like.

So pretty!

 I am excited to do this for future holidays as well.
(sorry about the horrible glare on all the pictures, I live in a dungeon called military housing and the light never seems to be my friend.)

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