Monday, September 03, 2012

How to hang a shelf

Being a military wife we move a lot. 
Sometimes it is just to a new(er) house on base.
Sometimes its to buy a house and live off base.
And sometimes its to a new base all together.
At least that's how it has happened for us.

So needless to say I have hung a lot of pictures up in my day....(geez that makes me sound old).
Any way, I have learned a pretty awesome trick along the way. 
I pinned a bunch of stuff on pinterest once but have never read it because this actually works really well for me.

I thought this wall in the bathroom looked pretty blank so I decided I wanted to add a shelf and some pictures.

 I have not gotten to the pictures yet but the shelf is done and I wanted to show you how I did it.

I have several shelves in my house as well are large pictures that require 2 or more nails  to be used.
I am sure you all hate, just as much as I do, when you have done all the measuring and hammering and you go to hang the picture or shelf and it turns out all caca. (is it okay if I cuss in spanish? because I use that word AHH LOT!)
Then of course you measure and nail again and hope it turns out right this time. 
But even if it does, you now have more then 2 holes in your wall. 
No fun! 
Sometimes you just might hear me cuss (gasp!!! I know, I know! but usually its only kid friendly curse words, you know the kind that are not really curse words and when you say them people look at you like you are 6. Yep! I am an expert at those curse words.)

So here is my solution for that pesky problem.
All you need is:
 your picture/shelf
some nails
 a hammer
and some painters tape. 
That is it! It is so easy and fast you will be wanting to kiss me when you are done.

First you take your tape and you stretch it from one end of you shelf to the other, making sure you cover the hanging clamps, or brackets, or holes (whatever it is that your object has.)

Then you take your nails and you find the spot you want them to go. 
I usually find the middle of the bracket.
Then you poke the nail through the tape on both ends of the object.
Now remove your nails and set them to the side.

Then you take your tape off and put it on the spot on the wall where you want it to go.
I then take a leveler and line it up with the top of my tape to make sure it is even. (I did not get a picture of this because well... I did not have enough hands to hold the leveler and stand back far enough to take the picture.)
Sometimes I even skip the whole leveler all together (WHAT???!! yes, I admit it, sometimes I skip steps. I am a mom of four kids, can you blame me! Sometimes I only have 1 minute to do this, instead of the needed 2.)
Then you hammer your nails into the spot on your tape where you previously had pocked them through.

Now remove the tape, hang your shelf and viola!!! A none caca product.
Now my shelf was all beat up from the move, so when I hung it up I realized how bad it was and I took it down and roughed it up a bit more. 
(this is the before picture)

Now Viola! The real masterpiece.
(sorry about the lighting in my bathroom. It stinks, to say the least!)

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Laura said...

That is amazing!!! I'll be using this soon, since I have some shelves to hang in our house. You're the best for sharing this technique! Thank you!