Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fun frames

I love to decorate for the holidays and different seasons of the year.
I have found over the years that one of the best, easiest ways to decorate is to use fun/funky frames and awesome inserts.

I have ones for almost every holiday and when those holidays hit I change the inserts out.
I have frames that are good for this all over my house. 
Its an easy way to add a bit of fun holiday cheer to every room of your house.

I will show you each of my inserts on each holiday.

Since it is football season and I am trying as hard as I can to wait for October 1st to decorate for Halloween, I thought it would be fun (and help with my crafting fever) to make an Alabama football insert.

I started by getting a hounds tooth scrap book paper and cut it to fit in the 8x10 frame.

I then put it in the frame and admired how beautiful it was.

Then I decided that it needed a bit more of a pop. 
I looked up the Alabama script A and decided that I would draw one on some crimson scrap paper I had. (I probably could have printed it, except for the fact that my printer is having an episode and won't work for me.)

I copied the script A as best as I could and then cut it out.
I loved that the paper was textured, so it would add more feeling to the letter.

Then I glued it to the middle of the hounds tooth paper and placed it back in the frame. Then I placed it in with the other frames and admired the work.
(p.s. the lamp in the back DOES need a new shade. The one we had broke in the move and I have yet to find one I really like to replace it.)

I love how classy it looks and how it adds so much to our Alabama shrine!
Its a lot of fun to see it when I walk by. It makes me so happy.
And it makes me even happier that it only took me about 10 minutes to make (and most of that was just the drawing and cutting.)
(don't you love how my drawers in the buffet are open? class-E I tell you pure classy!)

And then of course, just for fun, because you can, you should place your awesome picture with your adorable daughter and do an Alabama photo shoot.
I mean what is more adorable then that?

Now its your turn!!!

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Laura said...

Oh yes! You are great! I might do with with our kids' initials in their rooms - WONderful idea, Aurie!