Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building forts, one of my kid time favorites

What is more fun then being a little boy and getting to build forts? 
Nothing! According to these little men of mine.

It is even better when you have bunk beds that are perfect for the building of forts. 
It also kind of helps that your mother has a blanket fetish and so we own like 500 of them (okay maybe only 30 errr 40.) 

And apparently if you are under the age of 5 it is required that you wear no clothes while in the fort as well.

While the boys built forts Aowyn and I enjoyed some girl time. I, of course, had to throw in a couple of pictures of her for good measure.

I remember building forts as a kid and thinking it was the greatest thing. 
I love watching my kids do things that I have fond memories of. It kind of gives me a glimpse into the eternities. I did it then, my kids do it now, and hopefully one day my grandchildren will do it. 
Its one of those things that just connect generations. 
I love it!

What are some things that your kids liked to do that you also enjoyed when you were their age?

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