Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to School

Landon started school on September 4th. 
He is now in 1st grade and growing too fast. 
I can't believe my baby is in full day school.
He loves it. I love that he loves it. 
(but I still really miss him a lot.)

I wanted to make sure I got pictures of his first day of school and who Landon is at this point in his life.

I made him hold a sign for me and on the sign I listed these things:

He wrote his own name (I want to see how that changes as he grows.)
First day of 1st grade
Teachers name
What he was most looking forward to in school.
The day school started
What he wants to be when he grows up.

And since we are a military family (and sometimes move) I wanted to make sure we had a picture in front of our house.

First day.... 1st grade
Mrs. Dickinson's Class
Sept. 4th 2012
"I am most Excited about being a first grade detective." (this is his teachers way of teaching this year.)
Landon (I love that his d is totally a b)
When I grow up I want to be a JET PILOT. (it has been this since the middle of kindergarten.) 

Don't let his face fool you, he was loving every minute of it. 
He loves to have his picture taken, sometimes, as long as its his idea.

Now of course I needed to get a picture of just him and his super cuteness.
Seriously he is growing TOOOO fast.

Walking into school!!!

Landon and his teacher Mrs. Dickinson. We LOVE her!!!

Every first grader needs a good new Justice League back pack.

So cute! All the poor little first graders were so nervous. My sweet little man hide it well, but he kept checking to make sure I was still there. 

According to, well just about everyone, this is my little twin. 
I think he is absolutely adorable, so I'll take it.

Two of my cuties! I love these guys!! (I think they are twins)

He gave everyone a hug and kiss before the bell rang AND he yelled "I love you mom." Right before he walked through the door.
I am going to enjoy that for as long as I have it.

Sometimes I just want to stop time in its tracks and hold onto them as little ones forever.
Its times like these when I realize that its all just passing by me too quickly.
It makes me want to hug a little longer, kiss a little longer and just sit and play on the floor for longer.
I barely see him now. It makes me sad, but it also makes me happy that he loves it so much and is growing up to be such a good, smart kid.
We have decided that we will read a little bit of a chapter book every night before bed so that we can spend some more time together.
Right now we are reading my childhood favorite: Matilda. 
Next on the list is Charlotte's Web followed by Stuart Little.
I will post our reading list that we came up with for his 1st grade year early next week. 


Amanda XOX said...

Oh my gosh! Matilda is my favorite childhood book too!

Laura said...

On the picture of you and Landon, I was thinking, "Yes, they are twins!"
On the picture of your husband and Landon, I thought, "Oh wow! They are twins too!"
He must be a great mixture of the both of you!
Love the pictures of his first day of school! Good job!