Thursday, August 23, 2012

What do we do in the summer time?!!

My favorite thing so far about living in Utah (besides the AMAZING mother load of Decorating stores!!! {yes decorating needs to be capitalized, it's just that amazing}) is the beautiful weather, mountains and trees!

We have been taking lots of walks and exploring the base. I have enjoyed it so much and have LOVED watching my beautiful children enjoy it too. 

Look at those adorably chubby cheeks and that super cute little baby hand (I think baby hands are some of my favorite baby features).

Aowyn is having a nice mid-walk snack.

I love Tayton's beautiful blonde hair. Who knew I would have a blondie?!!

I love this girl. I love her big brown eyes, and her chubby little cheeks. And I love that she is mine!

We found some ducks and Braddoc fed them some rocks. What duck doesn't love rocks?! (note the intense sarcasm and hear the pleading in my voice for him to stop FEEDING THE DUCKS ROCKS!)

The ducks had such beautiful colors on them. Just look at the blueish purple hue that adorned this beautiful lady (or gentleman).

Feeding the ducks little pebbles. Braddoc kept throwing them in the water and would get very upset  when the ducks did not flock to it. Because of course what duck doesn't LOVE rocks!?

Look at that gorgeous sky and tree line. TREES!!! REAL LIVE TREES!! Ahhh how I love real landscaping and not desert "landscaping" (the nice way of saying rocks). You can also see my little independent 4 year old walking ahead of the herd....... errrr family. 

Oh how I love this little man! He is just a dream 2 year old. I love watching him learn and seeing him take in everything around him. He loves to talk and will talk our ear off. He is so smart and knows so many words, so its lots of fun to listen to him talk.

Aowyn was really enjoying eating the straps on the stroller. This walk was the first walk where she was sitting in the stroller itself instead of sitting in her car seat in the stroller. I can safely say I think she LOVED it.

Look at the tongue sticking out! Such a cutie!

Man I love this guy! I wouldn't want to spend eternity with anyone else. He is the best part of me.

In case you didn't know Lions wander around Utah free and they live in this little patch of trees. Along with Acacraters. (alligators and crocodiles, apparently its easier to just say them together, according to Braddoc.) We had to be very quiet when we walked by this area because of all the wild animals in there. I love kids imaginations. 
(A few days after this walk, when we were checking into our house we were warned about a loose cougar who wanders around on base. So I guess the kids were not too wrong in their thinking.)

Oh the sweetness! This girl is seriously the best thing EVER!!.....

.....I mean just look at that chunk! Oh how I love her chunk!

Its hard to believe that this little man is big enough to just wander around in the park by himself.

And that this little lady is big enough to just chill and play with her feet, while watching her brothers play.

I HATE BEES!!! But I thought that they were the perfect subjects for me to use to test out my macro feature on my camera. I think they turned out beautifully. I am allergic to bees, like epipen on hand allergic, so I was being daring and adventurous getting so close to them. (or maybe just really dumb, because I did NOT have my epipen and the hotel was about a 30 minute walk away.)

I think Handsome hubby is enjoying having trees too. He was like a kid in a candy store climbing those trees.

Landon went on some mushroom finding hunts. He has been obsessed with finding new bugs and new plants lately. I love that we have so many areas for him to go and find them.

This is my new neighborhood. Its beautiful! I love all the green and all the trees.

This tree was beautiful to me too. I saw it at the same time as Noah and just as I am admiring its beauty and majesty, Noah is saying "Wow! that's really ugly. Why don't they cut it down?" I guess beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I still think this is such a beautiful tree, holding its own in the middle of brilliantly vibrant green trees. 

We still live in the desert, high desert to be exact. But to me its such a pretty desert. A lot pretty to me then Las Vegas was.

And the mountains are green too. I loved the red rock mountains in Las Vegas. It was beautiful but it was not the beauty that makes my heart pitter patter. This is the beauty that speaks too me. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love that Heavenly Father created so many different types of beauty.

My littlest men surviving the walk. (barely)

I just had to thrown this is for good measure, because look how adorable that kid is. 

Utah, so far you and I have a good relationship. I don't know that I would want to live here forever, but I do think I will enjoy the beauty of it while I am here. One of my wonderful friends says "Bloom where you are planted." I think of that often and I am definitely going to bloom while I am planted here.

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