Friday, August 31, 2012

The best season of the year

It's football YA'LL!!!!

College football (for us) starts TOMORROW!! and I am totally pumped!

Tomorrow starts my favorite time of the year.
College football season begins it all for me.
September through December is college football. And if we are lucky enough 
(and well lets tell the truth here, our team is Alabama, so we usually are)
 we get to play into January too.

October we have one of my favorite holidays- Halloween! 
November is the feast of all feasts- Thanksgiving!
And then December is my most FAVORITE season of all- CHRISTmas!
So basically for me, tomorrow is when all the awesomeness starts.
We get to eat football deliciousness every weekend. 
I am talking grits casserole (if you don't know what this southern awesomeness is, I will have to share the recipe), little smokies, nachos, chips and dip, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, veggie trays, home made salsa, and much more palate pleasing, waistband expanding foods.
I am telling you this is the best time EVER!!!

I love to decorate and have decorations for every season of the year. 
Once Football season starts I start to drag out my 30 big boxes (and no I am not kidding) of my fall/winter decorations.
I change out our dining room chalk board and add in the schedule for the season. 
Then after every game I add in the score to the right side of the team name we played.

To say we are football fans is a bit of an understatement.

Its more like football FANATICS!!!
When people who we have just recently met come to our house during football season they usually say something like this, "Wow! You really are fans. I didn't realize when you told me that you liked Alabama football that it was this serious."

Yeah ubber fans we are, and we don't try to hide it.

My daughter has a closet full of Alabama football bows, hats, onsies, dresses and cheerleading outfits.
In fact the first thing she ever owned once we found out she was a girl was an Alabama cheerleading outfit.
Roll Tide Yall!!!

(my beautiful daughter,  thank you Andrea Gray photography )

We fly our colors with pride. It's a great conversation piece too, we have met a lot of our neighbors simply because they stop to say something about our flag. (usually its because they hate Alabama and want to dog on us, but sometimes its to really talk shop... er football.)

My husband always asks for Alabama clothes for Christmas.
 My kids always get an Alabama outfit from mom and dad for Christmas too. 

 Out of the 6 sweatshirts I own, 4 of them are Alabama.

When we moved into our house, our boys requested (on their own, I am so proud!) to have an Alabama room, so that is in the works.

(see that 2011 champions its about to be 2012 too, and yes I do trash talk, but only in a loving way....)

Every season we have a "shrine" in place for our beloved team.

And when you walk into our front door, right there in the entry way, you will automatically know what we are all about. 
Football baby!!!

And the piece de resistance, the evidence of the magnitude of our fanitude.... 
our third sons name is Tayton Bryant Jenkins. Paul William "Bear" Bryant being the most winning coach in Alabama football history. Yes we named our son after a piece of Alabama history.
A big piece! Alabama football is all about the Bear. 
(go here to find out more about "Bear" Bryant)

So now that you know my guilty pleasure do you still like me? Dislike me just a little?

Hey admittance is the first step right!?
*raising hand*
Hi, my name is Aurie Jenkins, and I am addicted to Alabama football! 
and honestly I don't care to recover.

Happy college football season yall. 
And Roll Tide Roll!

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