Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer fun

 We still have 3 weeks left of summer but it seems like summer has gone by so fast. It could be that we have spent most of it packing and moving with the military. We moved from Las Vegas to Utah in July, but we at least managed to get in some fun summer stuff. 

We spent any free time swimming. The boys love swimming and Landon and Braddoc are getting really really good at it.

Aowyn did lots and lots of being cute and eating Noahs leg. 

When my youngest brother got home from his mission, my other brother, Micah, and his wife, Melanie, came to visit. The boys had a blast hanging out with them and swimming with them. 

Tayton had lots of fun hanging out outside the pool and swinging from the swing set railing. He would climb the ladder over and over again but always refused to get in the pool.

 Braddoc had lots of fun going under the water and staying for a while. At the beginning of the summer he would only got under and come back up really fast. By the time we moved he would stay under for about 25-30 seconds and then come back up. He had such a blast and just hung out by the ladder going under the water over and over again.

I had a blast sitting inside with the ladies and drinking root beer floats and watching the Batchelorette. (don't worry the kids were inside eating root beer floats too and watching kids movies. We always ate root beer floats after we swam.)

There was lots of splashing and jumping in and out of the water. The boys showed us lots of tricks and I heard, "mom watch, MOM WATCH!!!" A LOT!

We have also done lots of other fun things like go to chuck e cheese, Disneyland, Boon docks, playing at the park, making fun crafts, and lots more. Next summer we will make a check list of all the things we want to do. I tried it this summer, but with the move it didn't work out so well. 

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