Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rain rain please stay

Something we looked forward too about our move to Utah was rain, lots of rain. We hoped! It has only sprinkled a few times since we have been here, unfortunately. It's kind of funny (not funny ha ha, but funny like "ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!) that the last week has been super rainy in Las Vegas. Hmm- thank you Mother Nature for messing with my head like that.

One of the nights it was sprinkling we ran outside and let the kids play in the light, LIGHT rain. They loved it and didn't really know the difference between a real good hard core rain storm and what we call a slight drizzle.

Aowyn and I hung out under a big huge tree so we didn't get wet. (I don't think anyone really got wet.) 

She spit up all over her cardigan and so I took it off of her, so excuse her "immodest" dress. She was looking as cute as ever though. 

I could kiss those cheeks and stare into those eyes all day and all night. I really love this little miss.

Tayton wasn't sure what to do with the rain every time it hit him. He finally just gave in and had fun with it.

They were running back and forth across the field and laughing so hard and so loud.

Braddoc got very over stimulated really fast and just laid down in the grass and took a little break from the fun. 

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head. Can't you tell he was THRILLED that I was taking his picture?!

This is our hotel that we stayed in for 2.5 weeks. I was so glad to leave that place. Definitely was not a home sweet home.

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Kirsten said...

That looks exactly like our hotel in New Mexico! Definitely glad your out of there.