Friday, August 24, 2012

How was your day?

What happens when a 2 year old and an 8 month old are left to do their own thing, while mom and dad unload a moving truck?

I was in the back bedroom getting stuff moved around so we had more room in there to bring the rest of the bedroom stuff in off of the truck. I heard Aowyn fuss and then she got quiet again really fast so I finished up what I was working on and went out to see her. I had been in the bedroom maybe 5-7 minutes.

As soon as I walk into the living room I see my beautiful babies having the time of their life, eating "ice keem." (he thought it was ice cream, but it was sour cream)
I threw my hands to my mouth and started laughing so hard I could hardly breath. They were both super smiley and Tayton just kept saying "sissy ice keem," over and over again. 

I of course did what any good mom would do and ran to get the camera to capture the moment on film.
There was sour cream EVERYWHERE. In eye lashes and ears and nostrils and toes. There was a trail of it leading from the fridge into the living room. (I found the lid in front of the fridge.)

They apparently loved it and just kept eating and cried when I took it away. Got to love kids! Aowyn sneezed out and spit up sour cream for 2 days, but I still think she thought it was worth it.

A friend of mine always says,
"Don't get mad, take a picture." 
So that's what I did, took a picture. Life is too short to get so mad about things that really are funny. I find myself trying not to laugh and to be serious when my kids are being crazy and doing naughty things.

Of course there are times I am the opposite and lose my cool. 
And times when I am having a bad day and instead of taking a picture I get mad.
There are times when I don't laugh and instead I end up saying a silent prayer in my head over and over that I won't completely lose it when one of my kids does something particularly bad.

I am learning every day to be a good mom. 
I am learning that some days life is full of hilariously naughty things. 
I only have these babies for so long and I would rather be laughing and taking pictures then mad and frustrated.

How was your day today?

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mikensi jung said...

LOL! That rocks! It's more fun to take pictures than get mad! Getting mad does nothing but create contention and angry feelings in the home.