Thursday, August 23, 2012

Halloween in August?

When we lived in Vegas we got used to the bottoms of our feet getting super dirty and black. Like walking around in a coal mine black. When ever we would get inside we would get out baby wipes and clean the bottoms of our feet. 

I am a southern girl and grew up running around barefoot. I still do it and my kids do it, so we have black feet a lot

The black foot problem hasn't been so bad here in Utah but they still get dirty. 
One night when we got home we had a bunch of dirty (almost black) feet and the kids grabbed the baby wipes and clean themselves up. 

After a few minutes I look over at Landon and realize that he is decorating himself with the wipes. I asked him what he was up too and he told me (with a bit of eye rolling and thinking I was crazy for even asking) "I am making a mummy outfit, of course." 
Well I guess I should have known.

(a mummy outfit complete with soccer cleats. OF COURSE!)

He wore his mummy "costume" out to the store and to dinner. He will dress up as just about anybody, any time and isn't afraid to wear his costumes out in public. He really wants to be on television and be an actor. He tells me his plan for how he is going to do it every day and he is pretty serious about it. I have started to look into acting classes for him. We will see how it goes. 

I love how creative and artistic he can be.
 Love this kid.

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