Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weight loss journey

Our last baby, Aowyn, was a surprise pregnancy. I had not lost all of my baby weight yet from baby number 3, Tayton. In fact I still had almost 25 pounds extra on me that I had not lost from his pregnancy. Needless to say with Aowyn I weighed more then I EVER have in my entire life. When I went to the hospital to have her I weighed 204 pounds. When I got pregnant with Tayton, (only 27 months before) I weighed 130 pounds. When I got home from the hospital after having Aowyn I weighed 193 pounds. So in my mind I had 63 pounds I needed to lose and I knew it wasn't going to come off quickly.

The first 15 came off in the first few months without much work. Since I was suffereing through post partum depression I hated myself, I hated how fat I thought I was and how I was too weak to do anything about it. I tried several times to work out and to eat right, but my heart was never in it, since my heart really wasn't in anything. At one time I started running and was doing well at that and then I hurt my bursa sack in my knee. I got some kidney stones and had set back after set back and I just never really committed. 

Then this past April I started feeling better and I got the will power I needed to work my butt off (pun intended). I started portion controlling and counting my calories. I started killing myself at the gym. I was running, lifting weights, going to zumba and working out every spare second I had at home. It started to pay off quickly. In just 4 weeks I went from 177 to 165. I had the will power, I was seeing results and I was making a lift style change. I felt so good about where I was headed. 

In the beginning of May I had some awesome friends come up with the idea of doing a weight loss challenge where we weighed in every week. I jumped at that! I am a goal oriented person and I work better under pressure so this was just the thing I needed. Plus I am SUPER OVER THE TOP competitive. Who me? Never? Um, yeah no sorry, I can't deny it, anyone who knows me knows that about me. So this weight loss "smack down" was just the thing I needed. I stayed steady some weeks losing 4 pounds and some
 weeks only 1 but never gaining and progressively doing better each week. I wasn't just losing weight, I was finding myself. I was getting in better shape. I felt healthier and I was changing my eating habits and changing me. 

I went and had some nutritional tests run on me, for me, and all about me in the middle of June. It was at a place called Metatest. It was wonderful because I had hit a plateau and hadn't really been losing any significant weight in awhile, just about a pound a week, which was okay, but since I felt like I was killing myself at the gym I was hoping for better. I was told that my body and cardio are not really friends. When I do cardio I burn so much calories that my body hoards them and stores them so I don't also lose the weight as fast. They told me to lift HEAVY weights and gave me a caloric meal plan and calorie intake plan for the day and how many Fats, Protiens and Carbs I needed to take in at every meal. They told me how much access fat I had on my body and therefor how much weight I still needed to lose. It was amazing and has changed my life. I feel even better then before. I lose around 2 pounds a week and even when I went on vacation I still lost weight. I don't work out as much. I go to zumba twice a week and that's all the cardio I do and then I lift Heavy weights for about 20 minutes 2-3 times a week. And by heavy weights I mean, grunting, straining, feeling like I am going to die with each rep, but I am doing it and I am so proud of myself and I LOVE it. I never knew I would love weight lifting so much, but I have not seen or felt certain bones or parts of my body in years (like teenage me years). I am now 140 pounds so that's 37 pounds in 3 1/2 months. I am not done yet either. I still have about 10 more pounds that I want to lose, but so far I am super happy with how I am. 

This picture is of me when I hit 140 pounds and the pants I am holding up are pants that only fit me for about a month. I was able to fit into them when I hit 165 and then I kept on wearing them the more weight I lost, I just kept cinching up the belt, but this day I put them on and they fell off of me as soon as I let go of them. I did the biggest happy dance when I hit 165 and could fit into them and then an even bigger happy dance when they fell off of me. 


Kirsten said...

Aurie that's awesome!! You look great in your pic! I bet it feels great too!

Laura said...

You! Are! AWESOME! You have put so much work into your goal; I'm impressed!!! Go Aurie!!!