Monday, July 16, 2012

Star Wars birthday

Landon loves Star Wars, so of course when I asked him what kind of party he wanted for his 6th birthday, he said Star Wars. I went to pinterest and started pinning anything and every thing Star Wars. I found lots of fun ideas and took them and ran with them.

I had fun making his star wars cake. I tried using cooking glitter to make it look like a galaxy but it didn't work so well. I let Landon tell me how he wanted the cake to look and what guys he wanted on the cake and when he saw it in the morning he was elated, so I would say that it was a success.  

Noah was Jedi master Jenno Madanc and taught the kids how to light saber fight. They all went through the Jedi Training academy. I made all of them light sabers out of Foam water noodles that I bought at the Dollar Store and put duct tape and electrical tape around the base of them. It is seriously the best invention ever. The kids could hit each other and not get hurt.
 I made some Clone Trooper Balloons and when the kids were done with the Training Academy they went in to fight the Clone Troopers

I made all of Landons favorite foods. Han Burgers, Vader Veggies, Wookie Cookies, Light Sabers (liquorice), Thermal detonators (malt balls), and Princess "lay"a's (chips). 
We had some super yummy Yoda Soda. It was sprite, and lime ice cream and was a HUGE hit. The kids loved it and it was gone super fast.

 One of my little Jedi boys Jenbr Bailas. We got all of the kids Jedi names of the internet by using the first 3 letters of their last name and the first two letters of their first name. For their last name we took the first 3 letters of their mothers maiden name and the first three letters of the city they were born in. 

 The birthday boy and his cake. He was in heaven having all of the people sing to him and be there for him.

 My birthday boy Jenla Bailas with one of his best buds Chase. He will be so sad to leave him.
 All of the Jedi Padiwans. They went to the Jedi training academy, fought the clone troopers and then defeated Darth Vader (the pinata) all in a days work. 

All the kids took home a Jedi Training Academy Certificate's as well.

We had his party a few weeks early since we are moving. Happy early birthday party to my 6 year old little angel.


Jen said...

You amaze me! This party had EVERYTHING!!! I (almost) wish I could have another little boy to do this with!

Kirsten said...

As I'm sitting here reading I was like, wait, he's not 6 yet! Oh my I think I need to get more sleep. I knew it was an early party, but my brain has gone to the wayside. I love the Jedi names! What a fun party!!