Monday, July 02, 2012

Something to think about.....

I feel like our country has gone so far from what our forefathers worked so hard to create. 
I recently read the book 1776 and was overcome with so much emotion while reading it. 

I'll admit I cried. Not only for all the lives that were lost but because I wondered what our forefathers would say if they could see what we have done with the constitution they fought so hard to create. 

I love living in America. I thank my Father in Heaven each day for sending me to this earth and for placing me in a family that was in the United States. 

The freedoms that we have are innumerable. The rights that we have are so very wonderful, especially the right that we have to worship how, where and what we may.

Our forefathers founded this country on the basis of freedom. The freedom to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They did not found this country so that the weak could feed off the strong. They founded this country so that we all had the right the PURSUE whatever we wanted. This country wasn't founded on a guarantee that we all would be blissfully happy, only that we had the right to pursue said happiness.

When did privileges become rights? When did we get so far from what we as a country once believed? 

This country is a great place to live. This country has such a firm foundation, created by god fearing men. 

I couldn't agree more with this quote by Abraham Lincoln.

I feel like we as a nation could learn a lot from this. 

We need to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. We can't create laws that will help some people but create hundreds of problems for the rest of the people. Things need to change. 

Our country needs to find the passion and the courage and the deep rooted strength that our ancestors had so many years ago. 

As the primary song goes "The wise man built his house upon the rock, and when the rains came down and the floods came up the house on the rock stood still." Our forefathers were wise men and built our nation (our house) upon a good strong foundation. And now when the rains are coming down and the floods are coming up, I hope and pray that our house will weather the storm and that one day this nation will remember what principles it was built upon. In the mean time our firm foundation is slowly, piece by piece, crumbling. 

What happened to one nation under god? In God we trust? 

I fear that if we don't remember all our forefathers taught that our privileges AND our rights will be taken away.

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