Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mickey Mouse birthday party

 Braddoc loves Mickey Mouse so it was only fitting that he had a Mickey Mouse birthday party. If Braddoc has a choice of what movie to watch he always picks a Mickey Mouse movie. He loves them so much, and because he loves them I love them. 

The sweet birthday boy in front of his Mickey decorations. He was so thrilled when he saw all the decorations, he kept telling me how amazing it was.

All my boys ready for a Mickey party.

For the kids birthdays I ask them what kind of cake they want and what they want it to look like. Now that we have pinterest I can go online and look at pictures with them. Its lots of fun for me and them because we get to decide together and I know exactly what they want. This cake was the hardest one I have ever made because it was super humid here that day and the home made fondant was SOOO sticky. I was yelling at it and throwing it (yes I was going a bit crazy, but it was almost 1 am, so that's okay right?) and basically just not happy with it. Yep, you didn't want to see me that night. I was a hot mess with fondant sticking all over me. In the end I gave in to fondant and decided that my wonderful 4 year old would love it even though it was not my best work and I really just wanted to throw it all away and just give up. When my little man woke up in the morning and saw it he was so ecstatic, I really wish I could have gotten a picture of his face. He pulled his hands up (in fists) to his face, dropped his head and his jaw dropped opened and he started to squeal. I guess its good I didn't throw it out the window every time I wanted too.

Braddoc loves hot dogs and so does Mickey Mouse. Of course, since we were having a Mickey party, its only fitting that we had a HOT DIGGITY DOG spread. The kids loved making their own hot dogs.

I wanted a drink that was red and so I created my own. It was delicious. A bottle of cherry limeade and a bottle of sprite with cherry vanilla ice cream. 

The kids each got to make their own Mickey Mouse cookies. I bought the cookie cutters on amazon and made the kids some sugar cookies. I set out vanilla frosting and sprinkles and the kids went to town. It's amazing to me how there are never enough sprinkles on a cookie in a kids mind. Lots of frosting and lots of sprinkles.

All of the mickey mouse gang! These are some of Braddocs best friends. The little girl to his left is his "girlfriend". He always talks about her and how he is going to marry her and kiss her when they is married. He tells me that he is going to go to the temple when he is big and Marry Brynn. He will be so sad to leave her when we move.

The kids went on a treasure hunt and at the end of it they got to hit a Mickey Mouse pinata to find the treasure.

We played Mickey bingo. There were M&M's on the table for the kids to use as their Mickey Bingo pieces. I had all of the characters on separate cards to chose from and then I was able to show the kids the cards so that they could find the characters. We played 4 times and the winner of each got yellow and red Mickey candy.

 Braddoc loved having everyone sing to him. He loves when people are paying attention to him. He is pretty shy but he still loves to have people pay attention to him. Hmm not sure how that works. What a sweet little man he is.

He loves blankets, they are his security when the rest of the world is crazy. He got a Mickey one for his birthday and he loved it.

I thought this was funny. One of the little boys at the party wanted to take pictures and he just kept taking pictures of me. I had to add one just to remember how cute it was. Braddoc loves to take pictures too, I guess its that budding photographer age.

Braddoc wanted a Mickey bike for his birthday but apparently they don't make them for a boy of 4 years old, or at least a boy his size. We looked everywhere but the biggest one we found was a 12" and he needed at least a 14". We took him shopping for a bike and he picked out this one. When we took him outside for him to ride it he was so mad because it wouldn't move without him pedaling, apparently he thought it should. He wanted the a new/different bike because "it would work the way I needs it too". 

I made Mickey Mouse invites for his party and Noah made the inserts.

All in all it was a successful birthday party. 3 parties in less then a month and in the middle of a move was CRAZY! I am glad I don't have another one until Aowyn turns 1 in December. 


J and M said...

Aurie; you're so pretty! That's a great shot he took LOL! Happy birthday to Braddoc; looks like a wonderful, fabulous day!

Kirsten said...

Oh Braddoc looks so happy at his party! What a lucky little boy to have a mom who loves him so much and threw an awesome party!