Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aowyn's Room

I figured since we are moving and I had to pack away my favorite room in the house that I would take some pictures of it before I took all of the stuff down and put it all away. Its not finished. There are things like her curtains that I started and her empty picture frames that will just have to wait till we move to actually get finished. 

I love this room. I spent so many hours dreaming of the way it would look. I spent many, many hours decorating, shopping, pinning on pinterest, creating, and building things for her room to be perfect, and I think it is. I really, really love the way it turned out but am excited to move and do it again. Its been a lot of fun.

This is the view of Aowyn's room from the hall 
(there was some water that spilled on her stool right before hand)
View from the back corner, next to the closet.
 From the window. There are lots of owl things in the room. I knew as soon as I found out Aowyn was coming that I wanted to do a bird and owl theme and I love all the pops of color and fun owls that I have found to go in her room. Its been a lot of fun to be on "the hunt" for owl and bird stuff.
 I refinished the frames on her wall and refinished the end table that has her lamp on it. My wonderful friend Kirsten made her bed skirt on her crib and its super fluffy and full of layers, it looks like a princess dress and its perfect. I made her bumper and spent many trips trying to find the perfect fabric for it. 
 This isn't even all of her bows. The girl has a ton and I LOVE IT!!!! I love the frames that her bows are on. Its nice to have so much space for them. They are frames that I painted and added some scrapbook paper too and then some ribbon to hook the bows on.
 I love the funky frames and colors.
Everything on her hutch (that I refinished myself) has some sentimental value. There are porcelain dolls that my mom and grandma gave me. A picture of my grandma who passed away when I was teenager. There is a bell, a rocking horse, a strawberry shortcake toy, a picture, and some porcelain babies that were mine when I was little. There is a picture of the Manti temple (my favorite temple, I think its gorgeous) that says "If this is not your castle, then you are not my prince." There are pictures of all the women in our family and gifts from my friends. This hutch holds a lot of love on it. It makes me happy every time I see it.
 I spent many late nights and early mornings sitting in this chair feeding my beautiful baby girl. I sat in this chair thinking about all the love I had for her before she was even born. I would just go sit in the chair and think about what it was going to be like when she got here. Every time I sit in this chair I think about how much I love my sweet princess and am usually overcome with so much love for her that I tear up.


Kirsten said...

Her room is so sweet! I can't wait to see what you do with her next room!! Especially with all those fun stores at your fingertips in UT!

Laura said...

Gorgeous room! I love all the beautiful mementos on the hutch, and I love that you have sentimental attachments to things that you put in your daughter's room. I'm sure they will be the starts of many wonderful conversations between the two of you!