Thursday, June 14, 2012

these two have a bright future together

I knew from the minute I found out we were having our surprise baby #4 when baby #3 was only 7 1/2 months (meaning babies 18 months apart), that they would be best friends-or at least I hoped they would be.
Tayton adores his little sister, and she adores him. Its weird going from having Braddoc (#2) who we joked was like Lenny from Of Mice and Men, who OVER loves on Tayton and Aowyn, to having Tayton who is mostly soft and gentle and very "fatherly". I loved this sequence of pictures because it shows their brother sister relationship of love.
Aowyn was getting fussy while we were playing in the garage and front yard, so she makes a few little peeps.
 Her knight in shining armor runs over with his camera in hand ready to make her laugh and take her picture to cheer her up (hmmm, who do you think he got that from? surely not me!). He tells her "cheese wee wee" and she gets shy and says "beat it kid, Im tired, I look sleepy, this is not the time to be taking my picture." All the while she really is saying, "me? you want to take a picture of me? Of course you do, cause Im sooo cute!"
 So Tayton goes in and give her love and says "hi, wee wee, ahhh."
 Now that I have you calm Im going to take your picture again, and you are GOING TO LIKE IT!!
 And my beautiful daughter who has to be brave, and tough and hold her own, because she is growing up with three CRAZY older brothers, pulls out her head grabbing move to save herself. This move however doesnt phase the budding photographer, er brother, because he is still saying, all be it muffled, "cheese wee wee."
 I give up on this stuff. Im out. Ill find someone more willing to let me photograph them. But of course the little miss Diva has other ideas! "wait" she says, "come back, Im not through with you yet. I need to slobber all over our head some more and eat your face while trying to kiss you. COME BACK!!"
 "Wait, where did you go? I thought we worked this out! Ill be good I promise! Tayton? Tayton? Darn it!! I blew it."
Yes, best friends indeed!

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Shelley said...

What a beautiful and hilariously captioned exchange between your sweet babies!