Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My beautiful beautiful angel

My sweet baby girl is 6 months. I cant believe it! I cant believe that six months ago I was going into the hospital to have what I was told (what I hoped so badly in my heart was true) was a baby girl. My sweet Aowyn has changed my life in ways I cant even explain. I never knew I wanted you until I had you. I cried tears of pure happiness when they did the ultrasound and I found out you were a girl, my sweet girl that I never knew I needed. I cant imagine life without you, I cant imagine looking into another set of little girl eyes and being so in love. I adore her! I am possessed by her wonderfulness (is that a word?) She gives me a future of bows, nail polish, princesses, tea parties, barbies, jewlery shopping, dress shopping and wedding planning. She is our princess, her brothers most prized possession. They are so in love with her. They call her Princess, Wee Wee, Wynee and Sissy. They love her with a love I have never seen then ever give to each other. Dont get me wrong they are great brothers and love each other so much, but they love I see them have for her is so different, some how protective and graceful.

For our babies 6 month birthday we give them a half birthday cake and let them go at it. Its a fun tradition and always one that the rest of the family enjoys as well. It took Aowyn a bit to get into it but as soon as she did, she was in chocolate cake heaven. I told Noah I knew exactly what kind of cake Aowyn wanted, A chocolate one. He laughed and asked me how I knew that, my reply was "She is a girl, and girls love chocolate."

 Her brothers had to get in on the cake fun too. Luckily Aowyn was almost done and didnt mind sharing.
At 6 months
 Aowyn has now cut her first tooth, bottom middle right tooth.
She rolls over, and every where and ALL the time.
She loves her baby.
She loves to smile and laugh and giggle
She loves rattles and toys that make jingly noises (such a girl). She is our first kid to love stuff like that so much, up until her I always wondered what the jingling facination was with babies.
She loves to wear her bows and her shoes. She gets super smiley when I put them on and truthfully (much to my love) fusses when she doesnt have her bow on.
She loves to be held and cuddled but also loves to be on her own.
She tries to get into everything and loves to play
She loves to talk and talks all the time. We went to the movie with her the other day thinking she was going to sleep but instead she talked THE WHOLE MOVIE!!! We kept telling her to stop talking. I think she just liked Chris Hemsworth character, she must have thought he was cute, because every tiem we turned her towards us she would crane her neck to look back at the screen and just jibber jabbered on and on.
She loves baby food and is a little piglet. She eats and eats and eats. She also likes to spit, so feeding times are lots of fun and messy.
She eats like every 2 hours, every other time is breast and the others are bottle. She does do more bottle now though because she wants to eat all the time.
She is our chunkiest baby and shortest baby. She is 25 inches and 13 pounds. (only 1.5 inches bigger then her two oldest brothers were AT BIRTH). She has thighs for days, and a booty that doesnt quit and I LOVE IT!
She is So high maintance. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is the PERFECT baby and never fusses unless she is hungry, sleepy, pooped or gets hurt. But you have to figure out what it is and exactly how she wants it. Breast or bottle or baby food. Nap in bed or rest in her bouncer. Lay on the floor to play or jump in her jumperoo. ect.

Basically we love this girl and our family wouldnt be complete with out her. She makes our brood a much more peaceful group (if thats possible)

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