Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kindergarten graduate

Okay, so can I cry for a minute? I mean really full on sob because the time has gone by so fast. When did this little baby, become this almost 6 year old? Somewhere inbetween all that time he became an awesome big brother two 3 younger siblings. Somewhere in there he learned to ride a 2 wheel bike and how to swim. Somewhere in there he learned how to read and write and talk like a little mini adult, make his own sandwiches (and ones for his brothers) and how to cook food in the microwave. He learned about earning money and doing chores and how to save money for the future (he doesnt like it and we are still working on it) I cant believe it! I am in shock as to where the time went. My baby is not a baby anymore. He is a big boy! A smart boy! An Independant boy! A little boy who loves his mommy with all his heart and thinks Im the greatest thing ever.
 He got an award for knowing over 50 sight words, 57 to be exact. He actually knows lots more then that but he is a very nervous, anxious, adhd type test taker. He doesnt focus enough and doesnt trust himself enough when he is testing. It took us a long time to get him to answer his own questions with confidence and not wait till his friends answered (and usually got it wrong). It was really hard putting him in a local Las Vegas school because the school system is so bad here. His teacher got cancer and was gone in the first month and he got a new teacher who had never taught kindergarten before, so needless to say this year was an adventure. Im so glad we are moving and dont have to deal with this school system anymore.
 Landon loved his teacher Ms. C(chrapynski). She didnt really know how to teach kids who actually listened and wanted to learn. She spend most of her time of kids who needed ALOT of help, so the "average or above average" kids kind of got swept to the wayside. Landon had to sit at a table by himself during tests because he was always done before his class. In his mind he was being punished, she didnt handle it very well. She was good but was for sure still learning.
 Our kindergarten graduate!!! So proud of him and his hard work!

 Landons best friends from kindergarten: Charlie Smith, Kendrick and Landon
 Tayton had to jump in on the picture taking fun too. Now we get to move onto full day school next year. I am very ready for summer and for being able to spend time with my handsome man before he leaves me for almost 7 hours a day. GAH!! Im looking forward to it because I know he will LOVE it, but Im not at the same time, Poor Braddoc is going to be so lost without him.

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