Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just another day in paradise

Today was just an average day in the Jenkins home. Nothing particularly exciting happened and there were not really any long term, mood changing, meltdowns. So all in all I'd say we had a pretty good day, minus Landon's freak accident with the sand and cedar chips. I got  to be surrounded by 4 amazingly beautiful kids and got my sexy hubby for a few hours this morning too. Not to shabby of a day

I changed 8 poopy diapers

Did 2 loads of dishes (what? wait, hold the phone, when does that ever happen?)

Broke up 5 fights between the oldest two

Packed a few boxes (for our move in exactly 4 weeks)

Did two loads of laundry

Dinner got on the table an hour late, (we had company show up unexpected) but I also made Landon's favorite, Tacos, so I guess that makes it okay.

Made our Meal Menu for the next two weeks

Went to the grocery store to buy food for the menu

The boys got early birthday presents in the mail from our amazing friend Kirsten and they had a ball playing with their new treasures.

I ran out of my allergy medicine and spent the day itching like a mad woman

Fed this sweet girl peas, and she made some of the funniest faces I think I have ever seen her make, needless to say I'm not sure she liked them. I guess after a few more tries we will find out for sure.

Vacuumed the downstairs and had the two oldest fight over whose turn it was to vacuum (both wanted too), so in the end I barely had to do any of it myself. Landon did under the furniture and Braddoc did the floor.

Tayton told his daddy I love you for the first time (he told me for the first time last night when I put him to bed). 

I swept the kitchen floor twice (that NEVER happens, I'm lucky if I get once a day)

Cleaned out some of the junk in the garage

Made nachos for lunch (and no one ate them, even though they asked for them)

Cleaned up a spilled cup of water (how is it that one tiny cup, with a teeny tiny bit of water in it makes a HUGE mess?)

Braddoc fed Aowyn a bottle for the first time, and LOVED it, you can't really tell from this pictures, lol they both look a bit miserable, but I cross my heart and hope the die  (ok maybe not that serious) promise you they both loved it.

I found out this little miss is afraid of the dark. She hasn't been wanting to take naps lately, she took them great in her car seat when we were at Disneyland and falls asleep like a champ in the living room. However, lately when I put her in her bed she cries and cries. So by divine revelation, I had the thought to take her curtains off her window, because maybe she didn't like the dark during the day, (she is fine at night) and low and behold she took a nap, a TWO hour nap. No more 20 minute, cat napping baby! (I hope) 

Played Tarzan with the boys and Braddoc wouldn't answer to anything but Tarzan for two hours.

I kissed some adorable chunky baby thighs (have I mentioned how much I love having a chunky baby?)

I dried 7 different episodes of tears

"Punished" 4 different inanimate objects for hurting my babies (that always seems to dry their tears faster)

Held my babies 12 times just because they wanted some love

Landon and Tayton both helped clean up the kitchen after dinner (I put on some music and we "jam out" {as Landon likes to say}, while we clean.) 

Braddoc however did not help clean, instead he did this....

Tayton hung out with me while I cooked dinner, drew some pictures and talked to me A TON. "Zat pizza?" (pointing to the stove) Me: "No, that's Taco's" T: "Ohhhh tacos? hmmm." Today was a lot of first words for Tayton, I love this stage because he is like a little sponge and soaks in everything and repeats everything. 

I went to answer the door while cooking dinner and came 
back to find Tayton standing on the counter, his response when he saw my face, "hi, I cute!" (does it make me a bad mom that I left him there long enough to grab the camera? I told him to not move, that makes it okay right?) :O/

I also had little boys standing right in front of me, act like they couldn't hear a word I said... hmm that happens EVERY DAY.

Since dinner was so late, we opted to forgo baths and instead I handed out washrags and we all washed our faces than feet (and yes in that order, I'm not that bad of a mom. At least I don't think. The kids loved it, so that's all that matters, right?)

I held a very sweet, very sleepy, doe eyed, little Braddoc, who has 8 freckles on his cheeks right under his eyes, in my arms as he drifted off to dream land and I got to kiss his cheek as I carried him up to bed (man that kid is getting heavy).

As I sit back down to watch a movie with Landon I rest my head back on the couch and look up at the ceiling and see the piece of streamer that I have STILL not taken down from Tayton's birthday party that was 3 weeks ago. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

And then after the songs were sung and they were all in bed and the house was still and I was patting myself on the back for a nice pleasant day, I realized we forgot to brush our teeth and say our family prayer. Errr okay maybe today wasn't a complete success, but there is always tomorrow for me to perfect being the perfect mom  try again (and tomorrow night daddy will be home, two great minds working together can't possibly forget that kind of stuff, can they?).

At least my babies still love me and don't judge me too badly for those kinds of mistakes.


Nicole Howard said...

Love this!! What a day!! You are a busy busy woman. I love that you still take time to have fun with your kiddos! Great mama!!

Kirsten said...

Part of your parenting duties is family historian. I would have taken Taytons pics too! He was obviously ok on the counter. Man I miss you guys!

Kirsten said...

Part of your parenting duties is family historian. I would have taken Taytons pics too! He was obviously ok on the counter. Man I miss you guys!