Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alaska (part 3) Family time

We went to Alaska for 3 weeks, which with 4 kids was WAY to long, but the best part was that I got to spend so much time with my four favorite little people and with my super wonderful favorite guy. It was nice to get to spend so much time just enjoying the kids and not having to worry about cleaning everything, and working on homework, and cooking every night, and running errands, and being a single parent. It was a blast to be with them all. I love watching them grow and learn and just be kids and have fun, so it makes it even better when we dont have 5000 other commitments we have to keep all at the same time, it take a lot of stress out of parenting. It was nice to go and even better to come home and be rejuvinated and ready to tackle the next few crazy weeks we have ahead.

Aowyn was a bit terrified of Mimi at first. I love the look that they both gave each other. We left Aowyn with her one night to take the big kids to Red Robin for some big kid time and Mimi called and you can just hear Aowyn (the baby who hardly ever cries, but is also very high maintance) SCREAMING in the back ground, and oh yeah the great and wonderful parents we are, walked off with the wipes, so poor Aowyn is chilling in a poopy diaper and Mimi had to use a wash rag to clean her up. Ahh memories!!!

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