Monday, June 11, 2012

Alaska in May (part 1)

We went to Alaska in May to see my sister in law Kala graduate from high school. A few years ago one of my very best friends got orders to Alaska so its always a bonus when we get to see them too. Their youngest Aisley is Exactly a year older then Aowyn. she loved holding her and "taking care" of her. I loved to see the two of them together.
Landon, Braddoc and Tayton had a blast playing with everybody and trying on hats and winter clothes, I guess it was a good prep for them when we move to Utah this summer.

 We got to go to the Alaska zoo. It was so nice because we dont have a zoo here in Vegas, at least any good ones. The boys loved to see all the animals, especially the polar bears. The polar bears were taking a nap when we first got there but when we left to go home they were awake and playing and swimming right next to the glass. I think they thought my boys looked like a yummy treat. The boys were so excited to see all the cool things, they kept climbing on the fences to get a closer look.

We had such filled days on some days that it wore Tayton out. We found him asleep in his seat with his snacks not even eaten. We went to a big park that is on the base that I used to go to as a little kid. I loved this park when I was younger, there are lots of fun memories of have of this park, so it was fun to take the kids and to play tag with them on all the huge wooden play ground equiptment like I did when I was little. Braddoc and Tayton love, love, love to swing. I love to watch their faces and see their excitement and happiness when they are just so in the zone. Its so fun to see and so peaceful to realize how happy they are and how they just stop to take everything in, makes me slow down a bit to do the same.

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Laura said...

We LOVED that park too! It is one of my favorites and I still am trying to find one like it down here!