Saturday, June 30, 2012

100 acre woods birthday

Our third boy, Tayton, is in love with Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was one if his first words and something we knew from very early on in his life that he really liked. I however am not a fan, (does that make me crazy?) Everyone of my older kids has gone through a Winnie the Pooh phase, and as much as it makes me cringe, and no I don't have any idea why it does this to me, I love my kids and I support them in their loves, even if it is Winnie the Pooh. Tayton however has been the one that loves it the most. He walks around the house singing "Hunny, hunny, hunny" (from the new Pooh movie). And gets very excited when he see's anything relating to Pooh (he also calls all of the Pooh Characters, Pooh!). Of course it was only fitting that his second birthday party be a Winnie the Pooh theme! I search pinterest and came up with lots of fun ideas, I mixed some of my ideas and tweeked some of the ideas I saw and came up with a Pooh Party that I was rather happy with.

His Invites were little red balloons because Christopher Robin carries around a little red balloon.

I spent several days working on his cake, and watching a million and one 6 different YouTube videos. When all was said and done, my fondant didn't take right and was very moist so the cake didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it too, but I was still pretty happy with the results, because after all this was only my 4th cake using fondant and since I am a cake expert  have no professional knowledge or skill whatsoever when it comes to making cake, I'd say it turned out pretty good.
 I got lots of honey flavored treats and yellow, red, and orange goodies to put out to complete the Pooh themed snack table.

 I made little signs to go with each one. That part was a pain in the behind because I am not a frequent line cutter and I couldn't find the blade for my paper slicer, so in the end I just dealt with the fact that the lines were not straight. It was a two year old's birthday party, none of the kids would know the difference anyway, right?

 I love this quote from Winnie the Pooh "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen." I knew from the moment they laid Tayton in my arms that he was going to bring a whole new dynamic of adventure to our home. Three boys just screams adventure doesn't it?

 I made some amazing Pineapple Lemonade:
2 liters of sprite
1 bottle of pineapple juice
1 cup full of country time lemonade mix
1 jar of maraschino cherries (with out the juice)
3 cut up lemons
2 tablespoons of honey

This stuff was amazing and was gone so fast. I just winged it and added some pooh bear hunny, some yummy yellow and red fruit for pooh colors and it turned out amazing!

Tayton is a banana lover so I made some bananas dipped in honey and then dipped in peanuts. It was pretty yummy, I think Tayton ate all of those and no dinner.

The cute birthday boy playing with some bubbles.  (holy cow!! do you see the foot prints on the chair behind him? It was from the kids at the party. Its because our table stinks and needs to be cleaned a million times a day and I don't give it the attention it needs, because well I have four little kids requiring much more needed time and love. Geez, guess I'm not perfect after all.)

Getting ready to blow out the candles. I'm not sure what face I am making so just ignore me and look at the cute little kids.
 Our little man loves puppy's, so we got him a puppy that barks and licks you. Can you see the excitement on his adorable little face? It was priceless.
 And I just had to throw this one in there. Its my sweet birthday boy on his big day! And my sweet little angel with him, these two are best buds, and I absolutely love it.

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