Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a blessed life indeed

My kids bring such joy into my life. I cant imagine life without them. I cant imagine working outside the home, and having to leave my kids every day. I cant imagine missing out on some of the little things they do and the big things they do. I cant imagine having to have someone else teach them things and show them how to do simple little day things. I would hate to miss out on all the excitment that comes with being a stay at home mom. I am so thankful that Noah knows the value of stay at home moms, that his mom was a stay at home mom while he was growing up and that he knows how important it is to the growth and development of our children. I'm grateful that we have a good job that makes enough for us to live nicely even with me not working. There have been hard times in the past, times where we couldn't afford to go anywhere because we couldn't put gas in our car. Times where we had cable and times where we didn't (still don't but because we don't want it). Times when we had cell phones and times when we didn't. But through all of it, we have always had enough money to put food on the table and let me still be a stay at home mom. What a blessing that is. To me being at home with my kids all day is a blessing. Its hard, so hard some days, when all I see is them all day and I feel like if I hear another whiny voice, or a child asking why? or a have to deal with a little 5 year old boy who thinks he knows everything and fights me about EVERYTHING one more time that I am going to lose my mind and then the night comes or they do something so sweet and redeeming and its all worth it. Those little glimpses of good in a day full of crazy make this so worth it. And they are getting so big so fast, too fast really. Landon and Braddoc are not a toddlers anymore, and its so obvious when I'm with Tayton, that not too long ago this was Landon and Braddoc but I don't remember it all and it seems like ages ago but at the same times feels like yesterday. Some days I put them to bed and I fall to my knees with tears in my eyes asking my father in heaven to forgive me because today I was not so patient and today I didn't stop to enjoy the good and beautiful things, and I beg him to help me be the mom they deserve and to help me have a better day the next day. And you know what? he does!

There is a big patch of really tall wheat looking grass on the main base at Nellis and one day Noah told the boys that a Lion lived in there. So now every time we drive by it the boys ask me about a million questions about the lions and want to stop and wait till we see a lion. Of course we never do, and impatient Braddoc throws a fit when we don't stay "till we see a lion". Well today we all had an appointment at the hospital and Noah left for work from there, so he drove his car (the blue car) as the boys call it and turned left towards the "lion patch", we turned right. Landon immediately said "What? dads going to fight the lions? when did dad become a lion wrestler?" So I played along and said, "I don't think he is going to fight the lions, I think he is just going to work." and about 5 minutes later I hear braddoc fake sniffling in the back of the van and he says "Im so sad! Daddies going to get killed by the lions." lol I told him don't worry daddy wont be killed and so he said "What does daddy have a gun that kills lions?" I texted Noah and he said to tell the boys that he killed all the lions and now the base is lion free. Landon started laughing hysterically and said "What? are you telling the truth? my dad is really a lion slayer." All childhood innocence.

Landon is all about tape right now and he makes all sorts of things out of his tape. I find his creations all over the house. Its cute to see his little mind at work.

Tayton spends a lot of time in the corner right now. He is learning to hit from his brothers, wrestle, throw things and bite. (braddoc and landon play nibble on him and I nibble on his cute little ear, so now he bites, ahh better stop that). He always goes to the corner when we ask, but recently we had to start counting before he would listen, and sometimes we have to point him in the direction because he likes to try to fit into the most none available corner there is.

Braddoc passes out every where all the time. I never thought I would have a kid who did this, but Braddoc proved me wrong. Most of the time with out fail if we are in the car, I can be sure Braddoc will fall asleep, and sometimes he stays asleep when I bring him in the house. Sometimes I will be talking to him and then he stops talking and I go to check and he has fallen asleep. I swear he sleeps good at night, he just loves sleep like his daddy. He is also all about hooded sweatshirts. I feel like I have a teenage boy living in my house sometimes, because he only wants hooded sweatshirts and he always has to have the hood on. He asks me "does this shirt have a hat on it?"

Landon and Braddoc have to watch movies or read books or play outside during nap time so they dont wake up the younger two kiddos. They always find the most interesting ways to watch movies. I am always afraid when they get on the play house that the roof is going to cave in, it hasnt yet, but Im sure its just a matter of time.
 Braddoc LOVES to line things up, he has since he was little and he still does.  I found all there toys lined up in rows that made a nice little arching pattern one morning when I came downstairs after feeding Aowyn. I always find Braddocs toys lined up. I laughed and let them keep it for a little bit but then I had to be mom and make them clean it up because it was in the family room NOT the play room and there was no way to move around in there. Toys every where and a mommy walking with a baby is not a good combo.
 The boys love to eat apples, we go through them like crazy. I swear we buy 3-4 new bags every  4-5 days. They eat them like crazy. I love that they love apples so much, dont love when they leave them every where. But at least Tayton helps me by cleaning them up and finishing the apple himself.
 Aowyn is SUCH a happy baby. She is always smiling and laughing and very rarely cries. She lovse when you talk to her and is always in the mood for kisses. She is so high maintance though, so as long as you figure out what she wants she is good. She is now officially rolling over, has been for a little over a week. I find her on her tummy all the time when I go in to check on her at night and she likes to roll over when I have her on the floor, she also loves to grab her feet and suck on her toes. What a silly girl. She is growing so fast, I cant keep up.

Tayton loves hats. He is always changing them and trying a new look. :O) I love watching his outfits that he comes up with. He is totally becoming a little man and I am loving watching him grow. Its so bitter sweet. He also throws the funniest fits, he will run away and throw himself on the floor and grab whatever he can find to throw, pull, push or tear. Its rather comical to watch. What a little mess he is.

Landon had a blast his first valentines day and really put a lot of thought into making his valentines day box. I think he did a really good job. And I am proud of how hard he worked.

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