Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rolling Rolling Rolling keep those bowling balls rolling

We took the boys bowling a few months ago. Landon had been begging us to go bowling and so we decided that we would take them. I read a blog where they talked about how you only had 936 weekends with your kids from the time they are born till the time that they leave. It really hit me hard that my babies are growing up and that I dont have forever with them by this blogs calculations I only have about 636 weekends left with landon so our weekends have taken on a whole knew meaning. It was a tun of fun. They had a blast and I think it was the first time Braddoc has ever really bowled. It was fun to watch how serious he was and how he would just stand there and stare at the ball roll down the lanes. Tayton helped me roll my ball down everytime and he was so excited about it. The only picture Noah took of my helping Tayton bowl was of my big butt so that will not be inculded. We gave the boys lunch there and they seemed to think it was a really fun day, so I glad we had the chance to do it with them. There was a couple in the lane next to us with no kids, and you could tell they really wanted some. they kept talking to the boys and letting them help them bowl too. It was very nice of them, something you dont see a ton of these days. After we were done bowling we got home and Braddoc fell asleep on the couch and then when it was bedtime we got his pjs on and came down to watch a movie with us like we do on lots of Saturday nights and within 10 minutes he was out. Half laying on the couch and half hanging off. Such a silly boy!I love the picture where Braddoc and Landon are standing together and braddoc has his arms around landons waist. I wish they loved each other this much every second, but I know its not possible, no one ever is super nice to each other all the time. I just hope they stay best friends for a long time.

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