Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A name and a Blessing

We blessed Aowyn at Church on 1/08/12. It was such a beautiful day and even better that we had 1 oclock church so I could get all the kids bathed and dressed and her in her blessing out fit and pictures taken with plenty of time and not feeling overly rushed.
One of my very very very dear friends Kirsten Armstrong made Aowyn her blessing dress. As soon as I found out she was a girl I asked Kirsten to make her dress, because she has such amazing talent and I want Aowyn to wear something that was made by someone who loved her so much. Kirsten was one of the first woman I met when we moved here. We both got here close to the same time and Landon and her daughter Ila are a day apart. We have been through a lot together, deployments, babies, miscarriages, deployments, labor, heart breaks, long distance moves, trials, and blessings. I am so grateful to have her as a friend even though she lives so far away from me now, we are still great friends and I feel so blessed that my daughter got to wear a dress made by this amazing woman, it made it all the more special. My other friend Heather Jemmett made her bow and I LOVED it. It was exactly what I wanted and I think it pulled her outfit together so well. I am so blessed to have such talented friends. Her blessing day was so blissful, every time a dad blesses his daughter in church I get teary eyed because I wanted it so bad for Noah. I wanted him to hold his little girl in his arms and bless her and I never knew if that was going to happen or not. So blessing day was a huge flood of emotions for me. I of course cried so hard when he was blessing her. A friend of mine wrote down the blessing for me and it was beautiful. Noah cried while he was blessing her, which I knew he would do. Aowyns middle name sakes were both there. My dad was there standing in on the blessing and our wonderful Nurse Lorraine was there. There are pictures in here with her holding Aowyn. Its so wonderful, I am so glad to have been blessed with such amazing people in my life, who were there to share this amazing day with us. Landon, Braddoc and Tayton love her so much and its so evident in these pictures. She is one lucky little girl to have so many people who love her and want to be with her to take care of her and provide her with lifes greatest blessing. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.
There is a pictures of Tayton that I love where it lookes like he is praying and thanking Heavenly Father for his baby sister. And then a picture of Braddoc kissing her, which he does a lot of. He really loves his sister and kisses her all the time.

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