Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Greek Olympics

I have always been interested in Greek Olympics, I even took a whole semester class on it when I was in high school. Going to Greece is in my top 3 bucket list things that I WILL do before I die. (Go to New york and time square for the macys day parade and to see the snow, and to go see all the WWII german historic marks are the other two in case you are curious.)

So of course when my good friend Lindsey called me to ask me if we wanted to participate in a greek olympics for the kids, I of course SCREAM, "HECK YEAH", okay maybe not really, I probably just said "yeah sure sounds good." So we went to her house where she had the olympics set up. It was Landon and Braddoc, Levi and Piper Stewart, Garyn and Naomi, and Mikie Cox. The boys loved it! they had so much fun. They had a shot put (with a pvc pipe) and Landon chucked that thing so hard. He got it the farthest and won his olive leaf for his head band, and Braddoc got the second farthest, or course both my crazy throwing arm boys got the farthest. Then they tossed a fresbie and they both go the farthest on that. Then they had a foot race, and I KNOW they both can run so fast, because when I play tag with them they catch me so fast and I can never catch them, but however they kind of trotted along so they didnt win, but let me tell you the other kids had some wheels on them, it was so cute to see them run so fast. :O) then they had an arm wrestling contest and I loved that Landon had his head propped up on his hand the whole time and pushed Levis arm down like it wasnt any big thing. Ahh such fun little boys. and then lindsey had some humis, olives, grapes, apples, and crackers. It was a totally fun time, and we decided it was going to be a yearly thing (and um now we are moving, so I guess we just have to drive back for it once a year.) She also gave them all little gold medals to hang around their neck. they couldnt have had a more fun day.

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