Thursday, April 26, 2012

First foods

Aowyn had her first thing of rice cereal around the middle of April. When I first put her in her chair for it she was not happy with me. As soon as I starting feeding her though she got much happier and did a pretty good job. Of course she moved it all around in her mouth trying to figure out what to do with it. Its so funny to me that kids learn to eat just like they learn to walk, ride a bike, crawl, swim, ect. A lot of people say that their babies dont like food when they give to them the frist time, but its not about them liking so much as it is about then trying to learn how to use their tongue to push it to the back of their mouth and swallow. I remember after my grandmother had her stroke she had to relearn to eat again too. one of those things that we just take for granted I guess.
I love that she tries so hard and makes such funny faces of concentration. She is such a sweet girl and its fun to have her at the table with us. (I usually eat and then feed her while the boys are finishing). One of the times I fed her Tayton decided he wanted some too, so he did his normal "hum hum hum" and so I put some on his plate to see what he would do. He made a very funny face, spit it out in his hand almost right away and tried handing it back to me. I had to tell him to put it on his plate and not give it to me. It was so funny, he kept trying it too, with of course the same results. I m not sure wheither or not he thought it was going to get better the second or third time along.

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