Thursday, April 26, 2012


The boys had a blast this Easter. It was of course a 1/3rd more fun then last year because now Tayton was able to get involved and know what was happening. Sort of! The Easter Bunny always hides our baskets and the boys have to go search for them. This year we talked to the boys about coming and waking us up before they went downstairs. There was a long hard talk but it apparently wasnt long or hard enough because it didnt sink in, the big two boys woke up, went downstairs and found their baskets and then came and got us. I was very sad that I missed out on the finding it part, but at least they still had fun. Tayton was very cute trying to find his basket and all of his food he would pull out and say "hum hum". I love that kid. After out legoland adventure the week prior to Easter the boys decided that they wanted legos for easter. Good thing the Easter bunny had not done his shopping/making yet, so they all had their wish fufilled and they each got some legos. I have to say the 5001st time I stepped on one I cursed the Easter bunny and wanted to chuck all the legos (okay maybe more like the 2nd time) but they are slowly remembering that they are not allowed to have legos out when tayton is awake, and that they have to stay on the lego/train table. Its working a bit. I think the pivitole moment of major change was when I found a lego head in taytons poopy diaper and I made Landon fish it out and wash it off. He fought me a ton on that one, but I told him if that was the only way he would learn to put the legos away so Tayton couldnt get them then that was what was going to have to happen. He was smart and got a wipe to fish it out, but it still wasnt easy, there was lots of gagging and whining but in the end he did it and I have yet to find legos all over the floor.

The boys had fun dyeing the Easter eggs and we made lots of fun colors and designs. Im not sure why I didnt take a picture of them. :O( They had a lot of fun hunting for them and Tayton kept saying "Ball, ball". It was so fun watching them hunt and seeing the determination and how they were each helping each other. Tayton I think was the best hunter, he found them so easy, with little to no help at all. My parents came over for the hunt and the boys enjoyed running around with nannie and pops. We did of course not find 2 eggs, I dont think there has ever been a year where we found them all, at least we found all the money eggs this year, and we didnt have any little neighborhood kids come in and fight my kids for the eggs (that happened last year and it was not fun.)

Aowyn got her first little baby doll. She got some big ones from her brothers for christmas and my friend sent her an alabama doll before she was born, but this is her first doll that is little enough for her to hold. She loves it, the boys will try to give her their toys and she fusses, but when she has her baby she is so happy. I love having a reason to buy baby dolls. :O)

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