Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Pictures

I love taking pictures of the kids all together, but of course that rarely happens since they are all too busy to sit still for pictures, so on holidays, when they are all in their holiday best, I insist we get pictures. I think this years turned out pretty well. I love matching all their outfits but this year was a bit harder with a girl in the mix, and with Landon being in the big boy section now instead of the kids section. I of course dont have them identical everytime like I did when they were younger because I know as they get older they will not want to match exactly. They love it now though when they think Noah and I match them too. I love the in between pictures we have of trying to get the family photo, the second I walked away to set the camera on the timer again all craziness happens and the boys are everywhere. I love the look on Noahs face as he tries to get everyone back together again. 

I love the chance that we have every year to remember the death and resurection of our savior. He broke the bands of death and because of that we can too. We can live with him together as a family in heaven again someday. We talked to Landon about it and told him that even thought Jesus rose again we still had to do our part by being nice to each other and loving each other like Jesus would so that we earn the privilage of living together again. I had to teach him aboud honey and vinegar and told him about how when he is nice its like honey but when he is mean its like vinegar and it hurts other people, a few days before. So it was nice for him to be able to see that and how it ties into being resurrected. General conference was the week before and it was so nice to be able to have such an emotional high two weeks in a row. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth that it brings into my life, I love knowing who I am, where I came from and where I am going. 


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