Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What do we do in the jenkins home...

We build forts. Lots and lots of forts, some are big, some are small. Some fit daddies some just fit kids. Mom has to work on her neat freak heart that screams "no pillows on the floor," and just let her kids be kids, cause I am postivie I will miss the forts when the little hands are not there to build them. Aowyn gives me the look of death. :O) I think she was done with me taking her pictures. On a side note, I got the outfit at a consignment sale last week for $2! whoa hoo.

Braddoc likes to get into my jewelry, this is a first with the nail polish. He made a very very small mess on the floor, none on his clothes and did a pretty good job of paiting his nails. He was trying to wash it off when I found him. Silly boy! He showed daddy and then we took it off.

Braddoc no longer takes naps, which is great for when its bedtime cause he passes out, but some days the guy is so exhausted I find him sleeping in all sorts of weird places, this one was rather normal. He cracks me up because now that I dont make him take naps, I find him asleep almost every other day, sometimes every day.

Someone is trying to roll over, she likes her back much more then her tummy.

I love this girl, I love her smiles, her coos and that she talks to us ALL the time. I can tell that later in life she is going to be just like her mommy and talk our ear off.

He loves to be near baby. He wants to be right on top of her most of the time.

Such a cute cheesier! I could just squeeze him and kiss him and kiss him and squeeze him all day (and some days I do). Man I love this kid. Look at that adorable dimple.

And then he does stuff like this and gets into TROUBLE!!! He is such a mess, but then he looks at me and smiles or runs and gives me a big hug and its hard to put him in time out. But I do, and then he is even cuter when he is in there.

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