Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has sprung, so we live outside.

Landon has learned to ride his bike with out training wheels. He was on the verge of it last fall, he couldnt turn or get himself going, but since the weather has changed we now live outside and he is almost perfect at it now. It of course helps when there is cute neighbor girl named Hannah who is in his schools class and lives at the end of our street who can ride her bike and always wants Landon to come ride with her.

Braddoc loves his scooter and we will be getting him a bike for his birthday this summer. I have a feeling he is going to learn to ride it much faster then Landon did. At any rate, any time we get home they immediately grab their vehicle of choice and head out into the street. My cutie who loves to ride his bike and tells me all the time that he is wearing his helmet because thats what missionaries do. What an adorable little man. Whenever he sees someone riding with out a helmet he tells me that they are not being safe, Im so glad that he knows and trusts us and doesnt fight us on it.

Whenever the older two head out of the house to ride their bikes/scooters he will run in the house yelling either "donald" or "car" and I will follow him in and find him desperately trying to get one of his cars out the door to go ride outside with his brothers. Its pretty cute, because he does it every time, and of course he cant get the door open once it closes so there he is standing with his car trying to open the door or is someone in the house with his car caught on something yelling "donald" over and over. So sweet! I just love him.

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