Friday, March 16, 2012

Sports, sports and more sports

Last year Landon hit the magical age of outdoor sports (5). He started soccer last fall and LOVED it, while soccer is defenitely not mine and Noahs favorite its something he has developed a love for and we want to help him develop his natural talent for the game. He is a naturally athletic kid, has been since he was tiny. He can kick a ball, throw a ball and hit a ball like nobodies business. So this spring we signedh im up for a city soccer league. They told us we would get put on a team close to our area of town, but we didnt. Its a 45 minute drive to his games and practices which are twice a week for practice and once a week for games. Its a lot to do especially since Noah is at work most of those times so I have to talk all 4 kids with me. Landon loves it and Im not going to punish him because he has a bunch of little sibling and because daddy is working. So off we trudge to 1 hr practices. It really is fun to watch him though so its not too bad.
However we made a big boo boo and not realizing it we signed him up for Tball (where Noah is a coach) on Thursday nights as well, which worked out great because Soccer was Monday and Wednesday and Tball on Thursday, so when his soccer practices got moved from M/W to Tuesday/Thursday I about died. So some days we rush from one to then next missing part of one, as long as they dont happen to fall on the same night, like last night did. So since tball is once a week and soccer is 3 times, he goes to Tball on thursday night. It gives me a slight glimpse of the craziness that is going to insue when all the kids are in some activity, I see arms being pulled in all different directions, but at least then I wont have to deal with strollers, hungry babies, diaper changes and snack bags all at the same time.
here are some pictures of tball and soccer.

Since fielding the ball is SOOOO fun, Landon was obviously very involved in the game and in full concentration mode. Landon can hit a ball when its being pitched to him, and by hit I mean WHACK THE HECK out of it, so I knew he would be good at hittign it from a Tee too, and I was right, he never hit the tee, only the ball and he whacked the heck out of it. :O)

This is the "smile for mommy" picture. :O) He was on third base.

We were having to really work on the "run when the ball is hit" thing. :O) Neil, a good friend of ours is cocoaching with Noah (but since Noah is working craziness, Neil is kind of running the show, Thanks Neil.) :O)

Running for the ball. I love the two boys behind him just standing there. :O) Garyn is the one in the red shorts and him and Landon are good buds, there birthdays are just a few days apart. I love how Garyn is chewing on his glove. Ahhh little kid baseball is so much fun to watch.

Hanging out on the feild with Daddy.

Getting warmed up before the game. Landon picked the #5 shirt. After his daddies heart. :O) Thats noahs favorite number. Side note: When Noah was a Senior in high school and we were dating he picked the # 85 for his jersey in football because 8 is my number and 5 is his. Ahh high school romance.

I dont know why the picture is sideways and wont turn. :O( This is soccer. his coaches name is Amber and Landon loves it.

Landon is also taking violin and loving that too. This kid is busy. Braddoc is jealous and wants to be playing sports and violin and going to school too. "I big enough" he says all the time. He will be starting preschool this fall and sports as well. Dont worry B your time will come. dont be in such a hurry to grow up.

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