Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Luck o the Irish

Noahs grandparents are Irish. All of our kids names are Irish or Celtic last names, so of course we have to go all out for St Patricks day. Plus Im the kind of mom that thinks any day that has excuse to celebrate something is a good day. :O) So of course we had to celebrate.

We ended our morning with some Lucky charms and a glass of Green milk. The boys loved having special cereal, they did not care much for the milk. :O) I should have known better because they are not big milk drinkers in the first place. Here is where the Leprechaun left our treasure. The boys had already found it before I even got up this morning. (notice tayton in just a diaper? the kid walks out of all his pants and is constantly getting stuff on his shirt, I feel like some days half the day he is in a diaper. poor guy) :O)

The leprechaun left us a trail of clues to find his treasure.

The naughty leprechaun also peed in our potty and left us little footprint on the toliet seat. the boys thought that was pretty funny! And tried to figure out how big the leprechaun was since he had to stand on the potty to pee he had to be small, but he wasnt tiny because he feet were not tiny, it was pretty funny listening to their leprechaun conversations that whole day.

My two oldest cuties!

The treasure that the leprechaun left us. Green chips, green gum, rainbow colored skittles and mike and ikes, green M and Ms rainbow colored ballons, and Tin Tin the movie

Naughty leprechaun left lots of messy footprints all over our house.

The footprints were made by a leprechaun who dipped his hand (that was made into a fist) in kids finger paint (mixed with soap because he wanted an easier clean up) and the toes were made from the tip of the pinkie finger being dipped in paint.

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