Monday, March 19, 2012

Jenkins house of madness :O)

I adore my kids. I adore being their mom. I enjoy each and every day that I get to wake up to them and see all the silly things they do. I have to admit that some days are WAY easier then others to be a nice, "good" fully commited mom. Some days I just want to finish my book, sew a blanket or write a blog post with out being interupted a 1001 times. I pray every day that I will be a fully commited mom and always put my hubby, and kids before myself. Its a work in progress. And the older two are pretty good about giving me some "aurie time" so I can regain my sanity.

The following is a picture journey through the last week of my life as a mom. After putting all these up here, I decided to do a day in the life of each kid, all the silly, crazy, messy, lovey things they did one on day. So stay tuned for that.

Tayton has a smile that lights up a room. He is such a happy kid. I love his one little (giant) dimple. When his big brothers go outside to play Tayton takes advantage and plays with the big boy toys. Usually they let him play, but sometimes they scream "get the baby away." So he takes every opportunity he can to play.

Oh mom, just stop taking pictures please.

Braddoc loves to be naked. I dont know why, and I am not sure where he got it. I will walk out to find him playing in the sand in just his underware. I will turn around in the house and see him walking through the kitchen, in just his underware. Its pretty funny! He loves to play in the sand and can usually be found out there in the sand.

Braddoc has to run everywhere he goes. He is always running. But if he is not running he is walking SO SLOW!!!

He sticks his tongue out ALL the time. Always, about everything. and always follows it by saying Blah!

He loves to jump on the trampoline with his brothers, until he ends up on the mat and cant get up, and then its the end of the world.

When Landon is at school, Braddoc and Tayton are good buds and play a lot together.

He loves to get into the cabinets and find bowls and lids and all sorts of thigns to use in his silly adventures.

She sleeps so well sitting in the sun and when its loud. I didnt even know she was sleepy, she had just barely woke up. But there she was trying to roll over and go to sleep.

This is the super crying super snoty face you get when you torture Tayton with a Fudgesicle. I was laughing so hard. He is not a fan of cold things, unless its a straight up popsicle. I dont know why, its pretty funny. Dont worry as soon as I snapped the picture I got him out cleaned up and cuddled.

Landon is such a good big brother. I find him talking to Aowyn a lot and trying to calm her down. He is a good big helper (when he is in the mood.) :O)

These boys are such stair steps. I cant keep them clothed. Landon just out grew his 4t pants in October, by decemeber Braddoc (two years younger) was wearing the 4t. Landon is now out of the 5t (less then 4 months later) and Braddoc is sporting near high water 4t pants. What the what?! Its just craziness. Tayton is still my little man who can wear 12 month shirts and his 18 month pants fall off, but Im sure in the not so distant future we will have trouble with him outgrowing clothes so fast too. If you look in the picture, Landon and Braddocs hips are almost at the same spot. Dang long legged Beibers.

Braddoc always wants me to take silly pictures with him. I guess I forgot to make a silly face.

We got Braddoc a camera for christmas because he lovese to take picture but he still would rather use our camera. So I find random pictures like this on the camera. :O)

We give lots of hugs around here.

We also give lots of loves while playing with puzzles, which we also do a lot of.

Tayton makes this face all the time. And he also puts everything in his mouth, all the time. He does it way more then any of my others. This little mans nickname is trouble, and for good reason.

Just chillin with daddy.

They love to go outside and color on the drive way. The problem is, they dont stick to the drive way, they always seem to make it out into the street, and we have a killer HOA who frowns upon kids having fun, or so it seems. I love to see their drawings. The corner of the picture is Damon one of our good friends, who lives right behind us, our yards connect, so he hangs out on the fence a lot and comes over to play a lot, he is great kid and they boys love to play with him.

Landon got a dollar from the tooth fairy for his first lost tooth. Dang inflattion. :O)

Tayton is not so good with chalk, he is eats it, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! one day, one day oh one day, we will be outside and I wont be having to chase after tayton to dig rocks, chalk and other lovely things out of taytons mouth. Ah this kids makes me laugh and smile all the time. The tooth is loose. He is about to lose his first tooth. That thing was barely hanging out. I went out one night and was so afriad it was going to come out while I was gone. Thankfully it did not.

First lost tooth. It came out while he was at school. He came running out with it in a bag, showing me, so happy he lost it. Since it was barely in there it didnt even bleed at all. He took his tooth to Mrs. C (his teacher) and showed her the tooth, she put it in a back and was shocked he wasnt bleeding. I am proud of him and how well he handled it. I came home and made him a tooth fairy pillow for his tooth to go in. :O)

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