Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aowyn Lorrayne

Warning: Lots of picture ahead. Sorry I couldnt help it, she is just too stinkin cute. I love this girl.
At her 2 1/2 month check up she was: 8 lb 15 oz and 23 inches (which was the exact stats Braddoc had when he was born.) She is now 3 1/2 months I cant wait to see how big she is at her 4 month check up.

Aowyn is such a good baby, she sleeps through the night for the most part, and really has since she was born usually she sleeps from 7-7 or 8-8 sometimes she wakes up once but I give her a binkie and she goes back to sleep, maybe once a week she wants to eat around 3 or 4 but usually only if I put her to bed right around 7 and then its still very rare.

She loves her brothers and smiles when ever they come by her or talk to her. She is a very happy girl and is talking a ton, she coos and ahhh gooos a lot to her brothers and mommy and daddy. She is laid back and high maintance all at the same time. She is chill and so good as long as she is where she wants to be. It some times takes me a few guesses to figure out what she wants, floor, swing, bouncer, couch, binkie, noise? Its pretty funny trying to figure out what she wants, she is fine if Im holding her and then when I set her down, if its what she wants she is fine, but if she wants something different she squeeks at me and I move her some where else.

She is barely a week old in this picture, its amazing how much she has changed already. :O) She was SOOO tan.

She loves to stretch and kick her legs, whenever I put her in her bouncer she kicks and kicks over and over and cooos at everything. I cant wait till she is big enough to put in her jumper I think she is going to love it. This is the first time I painted her nails (3/13/12) it was so much fun. Landon and Braddoc were jealous and wanted theirs painted, after about 10 minutes of them whining about it I gave in and painted one of there feet. I refused to do more. :)

Tayton loves Baby sisa! He loves to kiss her and sit with her and play with her. He is still like Lenny from Of Mice and Men and is learning to be gentle and nice, but its so cute to watch him with her. This was last night when they were getting ready for bed.

I love her sweet smile, it brightens my day. I love this outfit on her, there are ruffles on the butt of the skirt (ehhh so cute!) Landon and Braddoc both were very confused why she had 2 pants on. :O) I kept telling them, "its legging and a skirt, girls wear that." but they still insist on pointing it out every time I put a skirt and leggings on her (which is a lot, I think its so cute!)

Look at those long baby feet and toes! So precious, this girl is so long and lanky!

I made her bow, and it was so fun! I love having a girl to dress and make stuff for. I am way better at making girl stuff then boy stuff. I love her big eyes in this picture. A little boy today told me (while cupping his hands around his eyes,) "She has BIG silly eyes." I just laughed, yes she does have BIG eyes.

She sticks her tongue out when she smiles sometimes, and then when she closes her mouth the tongue stays out and she sticks her tongue out at us, its very funny.

I love this smile, she is so happy and so sweet.

She is discovering her hands and loves to hold them together and stick them in her mouth. (on a side note, after I took this picture and was looking at it, I realized that Braddocs pants are too small. :O) )

Braddoc loves to hold her adn "help". One day she was crying and I was coming downstairs to get her and she stopped crying, I peeked out from the stairs and she wasnt in her swing, I freaked out a bit and ran into the living room where Braddoc was standing in the middle of the floor holding her close with his arms around her neck. I didnt want to freak out because I didnt want him to drop her, but I admit I did freak out a bit. Braddoc cried and cried and cried. I felt so bad because he loves her so much and didnt want to discourage him from holding her, just from picking her up and doing it while I was not in the room. We had a long talk about it and he hasnt done it since, he will pick her up from the couch and sit with her on the couch and one time I heard her screaming at the the top of her lungs so I came out of the laundry room and Braddoc was holding her on the couch with her face in his chest, turned to the side and he had his arm wrapped around her trying to hold her binkie in her mouth, he was bouncing her and whispering "shhh its okay, beebers is here." It was actually very sweet, he is going to be a great dad someday.

She loves her daddy a lot, she always smiles when he comes home or comes anywhere near her line of sight.

Beebers and A-we Therain, as braddoc calls himself and her.

We were heading out to vote, I love this outfit, I got it at my babyshower. Its so cute. I put the Bom next to her so I could remember how truely tiny she was.

I was playing with the boys in the playroom and put her in their baseball chair. They thought it was the greatest thing.

She is not a fan of baths or showers, and cries the WHOLE time, but she loves getting out.

Her hat is WAY to big from her, all of them are, but I thought it was a cute picture, till the hat fell off. :O)

She gets a super upset tummy when I eat Dairy, this night I learned my lesson. She was so fussy and this was the only position she could get to sleep in and not scream and cry. I eat VERY limited dairy now. And she is much happier with me.

This was her first real smile, I was calling her "my princess" and she just started smiling. I was so happy, I yelled for noah to come in and when he got there she did her first cooo. It was an awesome night. Im a dork but I dont remember the night just that it was the night before Alabama and LSU played for the National Championship Game. Roll Tide!!

She cant sleep if there is no sound. She loves noise, I guess she is used to it from my tummy and her brothers constant loudness. Noah and I went out on Saturday and while we were in the resturant where it was so quiet she talked the whole time and wanted to be held but when we got out into the mall and it was so loud she passed out. We have a fan, humidifier and music in her room so she can sleep.

She is very rarely unhappy but when she is, its the most pitiful face ever.

I cant believe she was tiny enough to fit in a pocket. My how fast they grow

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