Monday, March 12, 2012

Alone time

With two big brothers and a baby sister right this little man doesnt get much time to take a bath by himself. Landon and Braddoc both take showers now (braddoc just started) so now Tayton usually gets the bath to himself. The first time he had it all to himself he was in little boy heaven. He kept saying bubble over and over and smiling from ear to ear. My heart sored watching him so happy over something so simple. He is a such a happy kid, probably our most naturally happy kid, always smiling and enjoying life. I was fine to watch him with his GUY (bad guys, good guys, any characters) and play in the bath. It reminded me how important it is for one on one special time with each kid. They are all so different with different like and dislikes. Noah and I make sure we do dates with the older two, but sitting their having some Alone time with Tayton and enjoying every minute of it, I realized its important to have a "date" with him too. I really enjoyed my one on one time with my adorable 20 month old. I havent laughed that hard in awhile, he was just enjoying seeing me laugh and kept doing things to make sure I kept laughing.

What an adorable little perfect angel. :O)

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