Monday, March 12, 2012

Tayton Bryant

So my poor 3rd child has been neglected. I have not updated posts on his progress or added cute pictures of him onto the blog, well cause I have not updated the blog in forever. As I sat staring at my children playing, just loving watching them I realized I dont want to forget all this stuff and Im so glad I keep a good journal, but then it hit me, my mother in law and family who are not here to see how amazing my kids are would like to know all this too. So the mental note to self put it on the blog too. So here is an update on my super silly always entertaining 18(+) month old. This has to be one of the funnest ages to watch them at, they are trying so hard to learn and do learn, so fast!!!

Tayton is talking up a storm, his latest words are and things he does:

Coh (coat)

Pahs (pants)
Shoo (shoe)
Choo choo (train)
Dog and whooo whooo for what dogs say
Tay eh (take it)
Ah done (all done)
Dee aht (did it)
Ey dis (is this...? followed by a word)


Donald (its every mickey mouse club house character)

Dennee (disney)

Cuh (cup)
Geh dough (not sure but we think its get down or get out, he walks around saying it all the time though so we are not sure)
Mee mee (mickey)
NO!!! (he says this all the time about everything. If you ask him a question and he doesn’t know the answer he says “NO” if he does know the answer he will just look at you, its pretty funny.)
Bahl (ball)

My (mine)


Sista (sister)

BB (binkie, braddoc, or blanket, depending on what he is pointing too)


Blah (when he poops or doesnt like a food or something yucky is on his hand)


Mooo (what cows say)

maw (meow what cows say)

pooh bah (pooh bear)
Hi (he loves to wave to everyone and say hi to every one, its very cute, he will wave to anyone that passes by at the store.)
Uh oh (he says when ever something bad happens or he drops something)
Whoa!!! (he says this if he falls, or sees something silly, or he is being silly and pretending to fall or drop something or if he thinks someone is being silly.)
Ow (anytime he gets hurt a little bit he says this or if he thinks you are hurt he says ow!)
MMMMM he says this when he is eating anything he likes, he shoves it in his mouth as fast as he can and makes such loud yum noises while he does it. Its so cute!!!
Poo (Winnie the pooh)
Blah (for poop or anything that he things is gross, like food he found on the floor, boogers, or food he doesn’t like, he said it about tomatoes the other day. He got marker on his hand yesterday and everytime he sees it he ponders it for a minute then will point at it and say Blah over and over. He always sticks his tongue out when he says it)
He screams and points to get things. He will try to pull open the fridge by hanging on the handle, to get stuff out.
He throws massive fits where he is rolling around on the floor. He first runs away, grabs something, like curtains or a pillow and pulls on it or throws it and then flings himself on the floor and rolls over till he cant anymore screaming the whole time. Its actually rather comical, a friend saw him doing it the other day and thought he was hurt, not that he was throwing a fit.

He loves his baby sister and wants to be on my lap right on top of her if I am holding her or feeding her. He always points and her and says Baby. He looks for her as soon as he wakes up and is always wanting to play with her. He is a good big brother.

He always tells us bye when he goes to bed and will wave to anyone who is around.
He loves to play outside and with toys like trains and cars.
He says Go whenever anyone says Ready, set….
Cars says voom voom or go go go go go when he is pushing them, sometimes they say choo choo too.
He Is a ton of fun and a big handful he loves to climb onto the chairs and then onto the table, such a mess. He will try to climb on the chairs even if they are shoved under the table so then he gets stuck between the table and the chair, there he is laying flat across the chair, screaming for help. Its pretty funny cause he has yet to learn not to do it.

He dances anytime any type of music comes on, it could be a commercial jingle, the last 5 seconds of a commercial, a cell phone ring, anything he thinks has music and he is dancing its very cute.

He is our families reminder to kneel at prayer time, he runs to the foot stool folds his arms and lays his head down on it. When we ask what he is thankful for he always answers, but we don’t know what he says most the time. Last night he said, Mama and walked over to hug me, so sweet. Then after that he runs to the drawer with the scriptures in it and gets the scriptures out and will pass them out to everyone, its so sweet. He is so sweet and so smart. He blows me away everyday with the things he does.

When he throws fits or hits, the way we can get him to stop is to tell him “Tay tay go the the corner.” And he will go right away without fussing and stay there until we tell him to come out. I told him to go to the corner in our room the other day and he spun in circles trying to find a free corner, when he couldn’t he went to the loft and stood in the corner there.

He loves to read and will get a book and just go sit on the couch and look through it. He brings them to me and will sit while I read the whole thing to him, so patient.

Today when I changed a poop I found 2 of my decorative marbles in his poop, guess we better be moving those, lol he loves to get into things. The first kid who I have found "treasures" when I change their diaper.

He is such a joy to have in our home and brightens every day. I love his smile and I love his cuddles. I love when I get home and he runs up and puts his arms around my legs ang hugs me and sighs "momma" I love his real hugs and how he smacks his lips when he kisses you. I love that he is so funny and so sweet and loves everyone. I love how friendly he is and how he says hi to everyone all the time. I love that he is his own little person and that he so adventures and different then his brothers. He brings me great joy.

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Laura said...

Our third is a dancer as well! We should get them together sometime for a dance party! It would be so fun!