Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How did I miss....... Halloween 2011

I love Fall in Nevada, its one of the few things I like about Vegas weather.
Its actually nice enough to not burn up and to not freeze, absolutely perfect weather in my book.

Dont you just love his head band?

Noah turned 25 in September.

And to celebrate his birthday his older sister Emma came down and we went to Disneyland.
Halloween time is our favorite time to go to Disneyland, its the perfect weather and Disney spares no expense when it comes to decorating for the holiday, plus there are not nearly as many people.

I was 8 months pregnant with Aowyn and had terrible siatic nerve pain. I rode all the rides with a tennis ball behind my back pressed against my hip and if it werent for the two strollers we had I might have opted for a wheelchair. Thankfully we got a handicap pass where I could just sit and wait at the end of the ride and get on the ride when the rest of the group got there, that totally saved my back and leg.

Braddoc was still afraid of the Characters and would not go near them and Tayton was finally big enough to take in everything going on around him. It was so precious to watch him.

We went to our favorite pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins with Emma when we got home from Disneyland.

Our ward at church did a service project for some areas of our city that were over grown and needed work. We got to clean out someones overgrown back yard.

Someone found a marker?

For Halloween we were all characters from Peter Pan. I was Smee, Noah was Captain Hook, Landon was Peter Pan, Braddoc was the Crocodile, and Tayton was a lost boy tiger.

We had our Halloween Party that we try to have every year.

Noah coached Landon soccer team

We built that patio while I was 31 weeks pregnant with Tayton. I loved doing the work on something for our house. I miss that patio most when I think about this house.

Braddoc LOVES to line things up.