Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer Recap

This summer has been very crazy for us. We went to my brothers wedding and Ill post about that later. So here is the recap of the Summer.

Baby girl Bump

Tayton is the tiniest and sweetest little man.
I adore him.

Noah and I went to the last Harry Potter movie Premier.
I of course, much to Noahs joys (or pain) decided I had to dress up.

And paint my nails and toe nails too.
Griffindor all the way baby!!!!

Landon turned 5.

Tayton loves the trampoline and loves to be outside.

I had a friend from Alabama come to Vegas for a conference for her husband.
It was so great to see them. We went swimming at their hotel and met them for dinner.

I got to meet their sweet little baby.

Every baby needs to be outside naked right?
Of course!!!

Braddoc is so smart and so sweet.
He loves to show me all of the things he "creates" and he is so proud of himself.

I love pictures of babies eating.

I always wonder what babies are thinking when they are playing.
I want to know whats in their minds.
He is so cute... what is he thinking?

Braddoc LOVES geotraxs. 
That may even be and understatement.
I sometimes have to put them away because he gets a little crazy with them.

Again every kid needs a spaghetti eating picture.
So adorably adorable.

The only way we can survive the summers here is to live in the water.
The big boys are out there every day, for most of the day.

I have to keep Tayton in the house.... he wants to be out there so bad.

I love watching him try to stand and learn how to be a big boy.

Braddoc turned 3 and got to decorate his own cake.

A friend of ours moved to a community that has a man made lake in it. Its so much fun and we spent a lot of the summer there just hanging out and trying to stay cool.

One of our FAVORITE missionaries from Russia, who was at our house a lot, transferred to a new area. It was a sad day, the boys loved him. 
We fed him a big breakfast for his birthday once and I laughed so hard at how much food he could put away. He was awesome.

Whose doesn't love a good butt crack picture?
These kids are naked way too often.
Is is a boy thing?

As our end to the summer Landon started Kindergarten.

Braddoc missed him so much while he was at school.

I love how much these boys love each other.
Brothers are wonderful.

What a little trouble maker this kid is.
I cant believe how such a little guy can already arrange things so that he can climb up and out of the playroom and into areas he shouldnt be. 
TROUBLE..... is this foreshadowing the future?

Landon also learned how to ride a bike with out training wheels.
Such a big milestone.

Baby girl bump

One of Landons best friends, Garyn.
They are two peas in a pod.