Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun times in our house!

Tayton is moving all over the place, its rather funny to watch. Sometimes he actually crawls but most of the time he just drags the lower half of his body along the floor as he pulls his upper body with his arms. He pushes off with his big toes and has caluses and bruises on his big toes. I am quite sure he would move faster and less painfully if he would just crawl, but where is the fun in that? He can FINALLY get from crawling to sitting to crawling again, physical therapy or Circa P as Landon calls it has really worked wonders for him.

Landon dressed up as Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty for Fairy Tale day. He had been telling me from the very beginning of the month when he knew that fairy tale day was at the end of the month that he wanted to be Prince Philip, (he changed his mind to Flynn Rider after he saw Tangled but then changed it back the next day). so I told him I would make he a red cape so he could be just like prince philip. We went to the DI and found him a vest that would look like Prince Philip and that made it more real to him, so he got even more exicted. I of course being the GREAT mom that I am totally forgot about making him the red cape until 9 the night before. Thankfully I had red fabric, so off to google images, figured out what I needed to make and 15 minutes later we had a Prince Philip cape. He wore black church shirt, his vest, tight brown pj pants, some of noahs black socks that came to his knees, and his black church shoes, complete with belt and sword. He loved it!! And told me he wanted to be that for halloween. :O)

On friday nights we normally make pizza or tacos. The boys favorites! And then sometimes we will make a palate on the floor in front of the TV and watch a movie while we eat our food, if we dont do it while eating out food we will do it after dinner. Its something the boys love and we love to do so we get to spend time doing family fun stuff. Tayton is now big enough to enjoy the feastivies with us, lol however he has never got to enjoy the pizza until last time.

Braddoc left his plate on the floor, Noah got Tayton out of his chair and put him on the floor and in less then a minute Tayton had what he had wanted all along. Sweet Success!!!

I love family traditions!


Laura said...

Such a fun family tradition! We do something like it with a movie-night at least once every other week. I LOVE knowing that I will have that time to just sit with the kids and enjoy some time together!
You boys are so cute! I LOVE the Prince Philip! Maia would be so in love with your boy, I think, for dressing up as a Prince. She can't get Joshua to do that for her! lol

Kirsten said...

mmmm...cheese. Looks delish!