Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter clothes and pictures

Every year the wonderful :) easter bunny brings the kiddos some clothes!! I love that they all sort of match but are kind of there own personalities. Landon is too big to buy matching stuff for because he is out of the baby/kid section and into the boys section, so therefor he has the "older big kid clothes." as he says.

I think the more kids we have the harder it is to get a group picture, let along an individual picture. They are all either mad or done if I start with group picture so that when I get to individual they just want to run off and not come back, or if I start with individual I have a screaming whining chaos group picture. Anyone else have that problem? Or am I the only one?

So this first one is my favorite and the rest are crazy out takes, some are cute but not exactly what I was going for. I really wanted some cute frameable pictures lol but that did not happen. Love that he is looking at me like, "come on mom are you done yet?

And here is the whining!

Tayton was not too thrilled with this idea!

I love that Braddoc is off doing his own thing! Too true to his personality

What a face!! i just want to kiss it though!

I always say "It will be better next year!" But it seems to just get crazier each year! lol but I wouldnt change it for the world, these boys are too funny and too much fun!

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Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

What handsome boys!