Monday, May 30, 2011

Easter 2011

My sweet boys coming down to find their baskets.
Every year we The Easter Bunny hides the baskets so they have to go on a hunt to find them.

Tayton is so bald and so tiny.

No Easter is complete with out some egg coloring.

And of course some egg hunting.
The neighbor kids pretty much had zero parental involvement in their life.
They would come visit us often and of course when they saw us egg hunting they had to join in.

Our friends, the Mcguires joined us for lunch and the egg hunt.

I love that Landon had to hunt with a sword in his shirt... you know in case any thieves tried to steal his eggs.

All ready for church.
I love these cute boys.

Our good friend Anice and her daughter came over to hang out with us after church.