Thursday, April 14, 2011

My blessings

I was reading in my journal of the things that I have been keeping up with in our family and reading my "facebook posts" that tend to keep my alaska family more informed then a blog. However, I always feel the need to also put some stuff on here. I have been having a wonderful month with my children, I truly enjoy being a mom, its the best thing ever. My heart aches when I find out about mothers who have lost their children, especially mothers who dont have the gosple in their lives to understand that they can and will be with there children again. There is a mother on the news who killed herself and her kids because she drove the car into the Hudson river. I just cant imagine something like that. There is another mother who lost her one year old today because of drowning. She rushed her baby to the hospital but it was too late. My heart breaks for her. It reminds me to cherish my children, to truly take in each minute with them. To enjoy each and every bit of them, especially the crazy times because I know that I will miss them when they are gone. I went to do the laundry last night and thought to myself, will it ever end? And then I smiled and thought "No and I am going too cherish each adn every little piece of clothing that goes through my washer and dryer because that means that I have 3 amazing blessings that are in my life." :) Here are my blessings:


Laura said...

Thank you for a post that is a kick in the rear for me to get in gear! You are a great friend!

Mari said...

Glad you are back to blogging! ;-)