Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A third of our yard is dirt, we planned on putting in grass last year, but when both A/C's went out the grass got put on the back burner, :O) so now here we are with a dirt back yard and boys. So whats more fighting then letting them take the house to the dirt and make mud? They have a blast everytime I let them do it. Tayton already ruined the carpet with his spit up, :O) so it doesnt really matter when they come in the back door with mud on them. Okay it really does matter, but its not the end of the world, lol it will be when we get new carpet but for now, why not let boys be boys and enjoy the mud. They love it! Too bad they are not to found of getting cleaded up afterwards, because NOW the water is cold, it wasnt cold when they were playing in it, but it was when mommy tried to use it to clean them up. Poor Braddoc's teeth were chattering but he refused to come in, they were having so much fun creating crazy mud concotions. A few days after this I was putting Tayton down for nap and before I left I saw Braddoc come in a couple of times to fill up his cup of water, I was trying to get tayton ready so I just thought he was drinking water and filling it up more, (cause thats what he does) so I didnt think anything more about it, when I came back downstairs, I went out to say hi to them and stopped dead in my tracks, they both had mud CAKED to their heads. It was seriously like mud helmets on their heads, and it was all over their faces. Neither of them had their shirts on the their shirts were in the puddle of mud, and their chests had mud all over them. Apparently since I told them that they couldnt use the hose to play in the mud they decided they would fill up their cups with water and dump them in the dirt to make mud. I got to hand it to them, they were at least following my orders and creative in their approach to a way around it. :o) Ahh boys!!! I wish I got picture of it, but I was just so stunned I had to go get them cleaned up and didnt even think about taking a picture.
So cute

Lake de Jenkins

Who knew there could be so much water in my back yard?

So much fun getting all that sand out!

having a blast!

Freezing Beebers!!! poor guy, dont you just want to cuddle him?

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