Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Naked baby!!!!

Tayton has been getting so big so fast. Not really in weight (11 months almost and still in 3-6 month clothes and Size 2 diapers) but mentally. He is of course getting cuter and cuter. :O) He makes me smile so much and just brings pure joy into all of our lives. He is such a sweet boy and always so happy, even when he is spitting up! He brings so much happiness into each day and I just love to wake up to him and his sweet coos and daaadaaa and mmmmmaaaammaaaaaa. ( I rarely get that one, but when I do it makes my heart melt.) He started nodding his head the other day when you ask him a question and he wants to answer. Tonight for dinner we ate pizza on a palate on the floor while watching Pinoccio and Braddoc was done with his and left and Tayton found it and got into a piece (cut up) before we could stop him, he ate the whole piece and of course spit up, lol but he seemed to enjoy it and the pizza sauce all over his face was proof of that. He gets into everything now and of course his brothers love to share.
Braddoc gave him a piece of Bread the other day (we arent feeding him wheat till he is a year, so obviously Braddoc didnt understand that memo)
Hello sweet baby!

Some Landon thrown in because he was so stinking cute that day too!

Oh I LOVE that smile!!! How did I get so blessed with such a sweet sweet baby boy?! He is just amazing! I seriously have AMAZING kids!

I could just eat him up all day long, lol my face is a bit creepy in this picture, Landon was telling me something so I went to turn to see him at the same time he took the pic.

Look at that face, he looks like he could read your mind and understand your soul. He is so incredibly sweet and such a doll baby.

Braddoc reminds me of Leeny from Of Mice and Men, he loves to cuddle cuddle cuddle Tayton, sometimes a little too much.

Love all of their faces in this picture. Tayton looks in pain, Braddoc looks mad, and Landon looks like "what the heck?" I just thought it was so cute! So fits all of their personalities, especially Braddoc, I get that face from him alot.

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Jon and Sunny Robbins said...

Your boys are SOOO BIG and very handsome! I can't believe how big Landon is and we left when Braddoc was just a baby. Miss you loads! Hope all is going well!