Friday, April 22, 2011

Missionary homecoming

We recently had an Elder (Meza) from our Stake return from his mission. He lost both of his parents before he left and was the only memeber of his family. His sister did not support him on his mission so we can back to no family. When he was on his mission, while in the MTC, he was running and jumped off a curb and shattered his leg, they thought he was going to have to have it amputated but fortunately he was able to keep the leg, after 7 ( think it was that many, maybe more) surgeries. He wound up spending his whole mission in the MTC being a missionary over the internet and teaching the gosple in chat rooms, he actually baptised several people doing this. Hearing his story shared to our stake during his whole mission was just amazing, I told Landon about him every time we learned something new, so we kind of felt like we knew him already.
As a stake we were invited to go to his homecoming, so I had the boys make a banner for him and we got to attend his homecoming. It was very nice, i cried when he came into the gym, such an amazing guy. The spirit was very strong, it was very overwhelming. The poor guy didnt know what to do, the whole gym was packed and of course as for any LDS event there was a TON of food. It was a wonderful night and I am glad that the boys got to go and experience this, when we left Landon said, "Mom that was a cool missionary. I cant wait to go to Jareds missionary thing." :O)
Tayton was "helping" made the banner.
Making the banner for Elder Meza.

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