Friday, April 22, 2011

A day in the life of......

Here is an insight into my life. Its such a wonderful life and I have such wonderful boys. Here is what a random messy moment looks like in our house. My constantly telling them to clean up and them ignoring me and going about life. Taytors is getting so big, (mentally, not physically lol). he gets into everything and wants to share everything. He is such a sweet boy.

Braddoc lines up everything, i find patterns like this all over the place, with every kind of toy he has. I love seeing it, for some reason it makes my heart soar and takes my breath away for a minute, but a wonderul mom moment.

Landon has had spirit weeks all month at preschool. This day was Dr Seuss day and he looked through his books and picked out "Thing 1". He made such a cute thing one. He got a kick out of wearing Braddocs pants.

I LOVE THIS LIFE!!! Truely love this life!

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Laura said...

Such cute fun moments! Landon makes a great thing 1! :)