Friday, April 22, 2011

Bus ride and Pottery Painting

A friend of mine was taking her son on the city bus, and the night before she was talking about going and I "weasled" my way in. :O) So Landon, Levi and Gracie got to take the city bus. It was quit an adventure. And a blast I am glad we did it. I told my friend who organized it that Im a good mom cause I have friends who are good moms and set up such fun things. :O) I am blessed in all walks of my life.

After preschool last thursday Landon and I went with someone his friends and their mommies (my friends) and rode the CAT bus. When we first got on the bus their eyes got so big, they were ESTATIC, it was so much fun to watch!! The kiddos really enjoyed it. My friend Candice made them little papers with the bus number on it so they could watch for the bus. It was an adventure, we got off about 3 stops too early then we had to walk, part of the way there was no side walk so we walked on the dirt, which Landon thought was a whole nother adventure, the journey to the bus :O). Then we saw what we thought was our bus, but it wasnt, lol we didnt find this out till after I RAN in slip ons, to catch it. After the other 2 mommys caught up, I had all 3 kiddos, who ran and caught up with me and were already on the bus, :O) They flagged me down before I paid, they told me wrong bus, lol Well I got my work out in!!! Hahaha no it wasnt that bad.

So we walked to the next stop where we discovered we missed the bus so we had to wait on the side of Craig rd. Where there is like NOOOO side walk, ok well there is but not enough of one to not scared the daylights out of a mom who has a very active little boy, and waited. I was so worried that Landon was going to do something crazy like get overly excited and throw himself in the rode and get hit by a car, I know overly dramatic but it was so nerve racking.

It was a true adventure and I am so glad we had the chance to do it. We rode from one end of town to the other and then stopped at a pottery place and Landon painted a whale. Its a very hippy whale!! I cant wait to see the finished product, he was very intent on the whale (I had to covience him NOT to do a robot, I really wanted him to do a plate, "You could have a cool plate you decorate and all Braddoc would have was a plastic one." even that didnt work, So whale it was then.)

On the way home Landon fell asleep in the car, which never happens, he was worn out. Then when we got home we walked over to a friends house, (well he rode his scooter) who was having a lemonade stand and got a lemonade and a popsicle and he got to play with some friends. We got home in enough time to scarf down some dinner that wonderful daddy made before we rushed out the door to daddys baseball game that he coaches for primary. It was a crazy busy day and after the boys went to bed, I fell asleep super early on the couch, lol guess I was worn out too.


Waiting for the bus, looking at their papers trying to find the right bus.

Waiting some more (we were 15 minutes early, lol and didnt know it.) Landon had a Dr Seuss day at school that day so his hair is super crazy because he was dressed like Thing 1. :O) We didnt have time to uncrazify (is that a word) it before we had to go catch the bus.

Such cute kids.

Waiting for bus 119.

On the bus, Landon was just in awe staring out the window.

So excited. they played musical chairs everytime the bus stopped. I dont think the bus driver liked it very much!

look at those sweet smiles.

Theres our bus!!1 Yeah!!! (I couldnt get it moved any hire up)

At the Artful Potter, making his whale.

What a cutie pie!

So serious about the painting! It was very sweet!

What a good day!!!

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