Thursday, March 31, 2011

First of the year

Toys like to get hidden behind the pillows on the couch, especially the cars.

Disney on Ice with Nana and Pops

Work out buddies

Lining stuff up again

poor baby is so sick all the time, and can't breath so he gets the nebulizer a lot.

Date night, movie on a blow up bed with candy!

Landon made a book store!!!

Being Ab Lincoln for Presidents day.

Sondra Mama

We went out to celebrate our 6th Anniversary... I really love this guy of mine.

Matching animal names to their pictures

He went to a super hero birthday party and came home and passed out!! 
I think he was just a wee bit tired.

St. Patty's day Lepruchun came to visit.

Landons field trip with his preschool

Rock Star Day at school.

Adroable little bum crack hanging out.
Ah the joys of being kids.

I got the special honor of being able to go through the temple with a wonderful friend Anice, when she took out her endowments. I was her escort and it was the first time I was able to do that. I loved it! I loved going through with a great friend and being with her at such a special time.